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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Well, as I mentioned in my What’s Up Weekend post on Friday, we went and got Ollie a twin sized bed over the weekend. This change was LONG overdue as this kid is quite tall for his age and has been smooshed in his toddler bed for kind of awhile now. He has been sleeping in a twin size bed at my parents for over a year. Every time we go on vacation and he gets to sleep in a nice big bed when we get home he has a couple of nights of less great sleep and we figure it had to be because he’s just outgrown his toddler bed.

Last month we measured all of his furniture in his room and made a little grid of how a twin bed would fit. We had a good idea of what we needed to do, so then it was a matter of shopping. Thankfully Nate’s parents had a twin size headboard and bed frame, so all we needed to do was get a mattress and box spring.

First we looked at Slumberland Furniture as it was the last place we bought a bed for ourselves. The choices there were decent, but I really wanted to check the Original Mattress Factory as it was the place my parents got Ollie’s bed for their house. I have to say, I was super impressed. The mattress choices were great, the prices were reasonable and we found something we really liked.

Saturday was the big day, we got everything home and put together and Ollie fell in love right away. He pretty much asked to go to bed as soon as it was all set up even though we hadn’t even had dinner yet! He fell asleep quickly the first night and woke only once in the night and I think it had more to do with the fact we rearranged his room so things look different than it was about the bed. He loves playing on the bed, we’ve read stories each night snuggled into the bed. It was the right change that we’ve been needing.

And how does mom feel? You’d think this transition would have me more melancholy and “where did my baby go”, but honestly I was just as excited as Ollie was. It’s rare, but if he ever has a bad dream or a bad cold, sometimes he wants me to lay with him, so now I’ll be able to do that much more easily if he needs it. Making the bed is easier, putting crib sheets on that toddler mattress was a CHORE. Putting sheets on this bed, easy. I love the look of his room now that we have the bed in it. So overall, I’m just not as sad about this transition. I’m sure I’ll be sad about others, but this one makes me smile.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams are Made of This

  1. I’m so glad that he loves his new bed and that it’s been a smooth transition so far! That’s cute that he was so excited about his bed, he wanted to sleep in it right away!

  2. YAY big boy!
    It makes it so much more easier when they transition smoothly. Ours liked it for all of two seconds and then ran straight into our room. It took a few weeks to get used to it.
    PS. Paw Patrol is the bomb!

    1. I’m hopeful it stays this way, if I know my kid it might not be 100 perfect but I’m hopeful! And yes, we love our Paw Patrol!

    1. I tried to talk him into the Cars sheets but he’s just all about Paw Patrol. The other set he picked out? Pokemon. Doesn’t even know what it is, I think he just likes the colors, ha!

  3. See, the one thing I missed about the toddler bed was how easy it was to put the sheets on because I could just lift it out of the frame! Of course, C made the transition so early she was still just using a fitted sheet, no flat sheet or actual blanket. That being said, we did go with a slat base rather than a box Spring for her bed and I am a convert. That makes putting sheets on pretty easy too!

  4. Aww, he looks so big in that big kid bed! We just have a full sized mattress for Jona on the floor, but we really need to get him an actual bed frame/box springs now that we’re pretty confident he won’t roll out 🙂 Glad the transition went well!

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