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Thinking Out Loud – Summer Memories

It’s already Thursday, yay for short weeks! I’m linking up with Penny’s Passion for Thinking Out Loud. Today I’m thinking about summer memories. Seeing Ollie play in his kiddie pool on July 4th stirred some nostalgia.

First up, here’s Ollie in his kiddie pool. He was pretty dang happy as you can see!

And now in Throwback Thursday style, here’s me in my old kiddie pool.

Oh summer. Remember when you were a kid and on hot days there was nothing better than your pool or running through the sprinkler? How the days seemed like they would never end, but they always went by so fast? I remember eating ice cream mixed with Nestle Quik and a little milk to make a milkshake in the evenings. I remember riding my bike around my parents block over and over again every day. I was lucky to have a playhouse in my backyard and I spent hours with my cousins and friends playing not just things like “house” but we also played “store” and “restaurant”. I had a playground across the street and the play structure there was nothing fancy, but to us it was a castle, a pirate ship, a fire station or a hospital. At night I can remember falling asleep while it was still light out, sun kissed and freshly bathed and excited to do it all over again the next day.

I miss the innocence of being a kid in the summertime – but I am so thankful I get to do it all over again with Ollie. I think that is one of the biggest gifts of parenthood, we get to relive our childhood just a little bit. And I plan to give him as many summer memories as I can so he can look back fondly himself someday.

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9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Summer Memories

  1. This gives me all the feels. What you explained is what I remember doing as child as well. Even though I don’t have kids – I like to think that I’m able to still live through children’s eyes with all of my nieces and nephews.

  2. So sweet!! <3

    I think that's why I enjoy teaching too. Being around kids makes me feel youthful and nostalgic. And it helps remind me that life really is just a simple thing that should be enjoyed in the simplest ways. <3

  3. I love this! I imagine it must be fun to relive your childhood with your own child. I remember using the sprinkler all the time when I was younger. Great way to cool off if you don’t have a pool.


  4. What a sweet post! We all remember the carefree days of Summer during childhood. I wish I could go back there. The next best thing is watching someone like your little boy enjoy them. Wonderful.

  5. It’s so fun to look back and relive those moments with our kids, I agree! I remember spending a ton of time at a local pool, and just being outside all the time. We just bought a little inflatable kiddie pool for Jona and he is loving it!

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