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Thinking Out Loud – Word of the Year Check In

It’s Thinking out Loud Thursday with Penny’s Passion. Today I’m thinking a little bit about how we’re halfway through the year and I’m thinking about my word of the year a bit and how I’m doing.

My word of the year is Purpose. I set out to try to live a life of more purpose, to be intentional with my time, I had grand plans that I was going to give back more and be the change I wanted to see in the world. I was going to Do All The Things! And I started out strong the first month of the year and then in February got hit with a nasty sinus bug that knocked me down for weeks. And then I had a hard time getting myself going again. In trying to do ALL the things I realized I was getting burned out to the point of doing NONE of the things.

So I started to think that maybe my word of the year was a bust, I was a fraud, I wasn’t really living a life of purpose. But then I re-read my original blog post about what living a life of purpose looked like to me. And it wasn’t just about giving back and helping others and trying to make the whole world a better place. Other ways I was planning to live a life of purpose was practicing self care and being more present to my family and friends.

Well then. If you look at it that way, I’m doing pretty well. I’ve slowed down and really have been working hard on taking care of myself. I turn off the news if it’s troubling. I surround myself with positive people and only say yes to things I really truly want to do. I make time for things I enjoy like coloring or reading. I’ve read more books already this year than I have in the last couple of years combined. And, I’ve been much more present to those around me. I put away my phone more and I really work on just enjoying the moment. I’m being more intentional with my time and how I spend it.

I’m not failing on living a life of purpose. My purpose right now is to take care of myself and those closest to me. Sometimes changing the world starts at home. I’m living my purpose.

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5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Word of the Year Check In

  1. I love this Beth! It makes me think about how you don’t have to be living with a “capital P” Purpose every single day – it’s great to have causes to support, but I think it’s just as important to live the “little p” purpose too–your everyday purpose of taking care of yourself and your family, and being a kind person to everyone you meet everyday. I think you’re doing a great job with your word!

  2. I do a weekly post about my word of the year “joy” but definitely want to write a mid-2017 post. I love “purpose” as a word, and think it is important to remember that “all of the things” while it sounds good, typically is better to just do “some of the things” and enjoy what you are able.

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