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Style Appointment at Arc’s Value Village

You guys. YOU GUYS. I had the most fun evening last night and I wanted to share with you all about it. If you’re local, you’re going to want to do this. If you’re not, still read on, because maybe there’s a service like this near you!

I won a Dual Style Appointment from Arc’s Value Village, which is a local thrift shop that has several locations here in the Twin Cities. Arc’s has a Personal Shopper program, started by a gal named Michelle (ThriftStylist on Instagram). I was super excited to win a dual appointment in a giveaway that Michelle had for Best Friend day. I took my Unicorn mama Jen with me and we set up our appointment at the Arc’s in St. Paul since Jen’s spending time on the northeast side of town this summer. And let me tell you, it was so much fun!

Michelle or one of her style team members take the style profile you fill out ahead of time and then they arrive a couple of hours before your appointment and pick out outfits and items that they think you will like. I told Michelle I love color, patterns, shoes and handbags and she delivered big time. I wish I could have taken a picture of the dressing room when I opened the door because there were so many cute shoes and bags! I may have gasped when I saw this Kate Spade bag in blush – it definitely came home with me. It needs a little TLC but I think I can do that for the price I paid!

Both Jen and I had so much fun getting the royal treatment and trying things on. The hardest part was choosing what to take and what to leave behind! Fortunately a few things didn’t fit, so those were no brainers. But then I really had to think about what would work with my closet. I ended up choosing some amazing fitting jeans, a super fun pair of floral jeggings, a couple of tank tops, a couple of dresses, a maxi skirt, three pairs of shoes, a really fun lace moto jacket and a denim jacket. I do have a denim jacket I love, but the one Michelle found was on clearance and fit amazingly. And you can never have too many denim jackets, right?

Photo credit above: Michelle Raven, Arc’s Value Village

We got 20% off our total purchase at our appointment which was absolutely amazing. So drum roll, what was my total spent? Everything came to just over $100 before my discount, after discount? $88. Which includes the Kate Spade bag that was $29. If I had left that behind the total would have been even less. But I wasn’t leaving that bag behind! But seriously, look at this crazy haul of stuff.

I’m already regretting leaving behind some scarves, necklaces and bracelets that she had with each look, but I knew I had plenty of those items at home or they’d be easy to add later. The only other item I am semi sad I left was this crazy amazing owl dress. On the hanger it looked like it might be too wild and crazy, but it actually did look really cute on me. In the end, based on the fabric it was made of and just the style of it, I knew it wouldn’t be a piece I’d get a ton of use out of, so it stayed behind. I should have at least taken a picture though!

I cannot recommend trying this out enough. It is really fun having someone else shop for you and especially in a way that is so affordable. We also learned that Arc’s does styling appointments for kiddos too! What a fun way to do some back to school shopping!

And here’s one of the entire outfits I purchased, it was the first one I tried on and I think she nailed my style right out the door! I will definitely think about doing one of these sessions again!

I’m not being compensated in anyway for this post, links because I love and sharing because it was fun.

13 thoughts on “Style Appointment at Arc’s Value Village

  1. Holy crap! I’ve never heard of a service like this before! I never find anything awesome like this in our value villages which is why I stopped going or usually they’re so overpriced that it’s actually just cheaper to buy new things – yeah! New things!
    But damn, you guys did amazing!

  2. Wow!!! That is quite the haul you got! This sounds so cool and interesting! I might have to check it out! I’m trying to get new life in my wardrobe and if I can do it through thrift shops – even better for me and my wallet! Love your look today – so incredibly cute!

  3. We need this for dudes. Or, at least, for me. I could use an overhaul. This is quite a haul, Beth. You’re pretty much a hunter (and gatherer). Also, just think, that owl dress will be perfect for someone else.

  4. I need this in my life! Your outfit is adorable, I like how the skirt is tied up at the bottom. And that bag is to die for, I’m glad you didn’t leave it behind! 😉

  5. Some fun pieces there! I love a good bargain hunt. I just wanted to thank you for reaching out to me on my blog. Life has been tough lately, and your words meant so much.

  6. That sounds like such a blast!! I love what you got too–that outfit is perfection and it does look so you. You’ll have to share how you spiff up that bag–what a great find!

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