Humpday Confessions 6.27.17

Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when I did a Humpday Confessions post? Well, guess what? I’m doing it again! Let’s bare all our sins and feel some redemption.

~ I met with my book club last night but I didn’t read the book this month. It wasn’t for a complete lack of trying, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and my library didn’t have it.

~ Speaking of the library, I’m pretty sure my fines are through the roof again because of how long I forgot to return my last book club book and a Thomas DVD for Ollie. After renewing them at least twice.

~ I let Ollie pig out on Goldfish crackers as a pre-dinner snack/appetizer on Monday because I was too fried and brain dead to argue with him after a long first day back at work. I may also have let him try several different flavors of suckers that he pretty much didn’t finish.

~ We accidentally closed the dishwasher door making the “clean” light go off the other night. And because we’re lazy and weren’t putting the dishes away right at that moment, I spelled out the word “clean” with Ollie’s letter magnets so we would know to not put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

~I kicked Nate and Ollie outside to play together the other night merely so I could run the vacuum without worrying about scaring Ollie (who is getting better with noises, but still not that one).

~ Work is making me much more April Ludgate than Leslie Knope this week (sorry to non Park and Rec watchers).

~ I bought a pair of Unicorn printed leggings from my Lularoe dealer/good friend even though I’m trying to not shop because they were unicorns and dang it I can’t quit unicorns!

So there you have it. I know they aren’t really that terrible, but I still like showing that I’m not perfect because guess what? Sometimes life isn’t perfect, but it’s still pretty darn good. Anything you want to confess? Drop it in the comments below, no judgments here!

11 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 6.27.17

  1. I love this post!! I totally get your Parks and Rec reference . A girl after my own heart.
    Confession- I put Jake in the same shorts this morning that he wore yesterday because I was too lazy to do laundry last night.

    1. It’s easily my favorite show! <3 And no judgment, I pulled a pair of Ollie's shorts out of the laundry basket one day before our vacation because I was out of clean ones. Solidarity sister! 🙂

  2. I tried a confessions post once. The feds showed up at my door 45 minutes later, but the site clicks were through the roof! Library fines are bookish street cred. When I check out something new, and the librarian sees my fines, she blushes. And winks.

  3. I confess… I often wash my clothes more than once because I forget to put them in the dryer. And then when I finally get them in the dryer, I dry them a few times until I feel like folding them. Also, sometimes my daughter’s Beta fish goes weeks on end without getting fed. I don’t know how that thing is still alive.

  4. Unicorn leggings! Sweet! Im holding out for some Disney ones that I will fall in love with. Hubby likes to sdand over my shoulder when I check out books and gawk at my late fees. LOL. I hope the rest of your week is amazing!

  5. I bribed my kid with a cake pop from Starbucks if she would cooperate while taking some pictures for Scott’s Fathers Day present. I think it’s a fair deal but I got the full judgement of the coffee line when I bought it for her at 930 in the morning.
    I’m staying in Madeline’s room rocking her because I know if I wait long enough, Scott will be home to put C to bed so I don’t have to.
    I tried a bootcamp class today, which is harder than the class I’ve been doing lately, and totally kept an eye on everyone in class to make sure I was doing as good or better than them even though I know that’s a) terrible gym etiquette b) not necessarily good for self esteem and c) totally against the “work to your ability today, not what your neighbour could do, and not what you could do before baby” principle of the company. And really, nothing beats the thrill of keeping pace (and sometimes outpacing) the girl next to you who also happens to be a fitness instructor.

    And the unicorn tights are totally a brand related business expense.

  6. I can’t quit unicorns dammit!
    I ate a unicorn cupcake on the weekend. It was for kids at my sister in laws baby shower but I stole it and hid it in the fridge before the kids could get at it. Snooze you lose suckas.

  7. When I was in book club there was this girl who almost NEVER read the books! I think out of 7 meetings she read 1 and 1/2 (and the one was one she picked!) It was a group of friends so we didn’t kick her out or anything, but I was like “Really?!” The last time I used the library I was late returning 5 DVDs (I was participating in a movie challenge) and the fee is $1/day. That was back in December, I think? I’ve been too embarrassed to return!

  8. Oh I can totally relate! I’ve given in on snacks SO MANY TIMES. And the thing about the vacuum made me laugh because Jona hates that too! And loud toilets (especially ones that flush automatically) and those hand dryers that really blast. Let me tell you, public bathrooms are FUN. Anyway, I enjoyed these confessions 🙂

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