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Style Inspiration with To the Tens

I think it’s no secret I love Instagram, especially for a way to share outfit of the day posts. I often use hashtags to highlight the brands of the items I’m wearing. I also love Instagram for style inspiration from other people. I love Pinterest for the same reason. But sometimes, it’s hard to follow hashtags. Or, if someone doesn’t list the items they’re wearing, it can be hard to track down where they purchased something. And you can’t just shop from Instagram or Pinterest either. Enter a new app aiming to help make that process just a little easier – To The Tens.

To The Tens is an app that was created to work with brands to help shoppers highlight and share items they’ve purchased in a similar way to Instagram – but also allows you to shop the various brands right from the app! So for example, my friends at Rhea Footwear are one of the featured brands on the app. Anytime I see a picture of someone wearing their shoes, I can go from that picture and buy my own pair right through the app. And I can share photos of myself in my favorite Rhea shoes and if someone else sees them and likes them, they can purchase the pair right from my photo.

I won’t say I’ll stop using Instagram or Pinterest for style ideas and sharing, but To The Tens is really a neat new way to highlight your favorite items and shop for other things. There are currently around 50 brands represented for both women and men right now and I imagine the number may grow as time goes on. You can also choose to follow your favorite brands or follow friends on the app as well in a similar fashion to Instagram.

Curious? Want to see more? What if I told you my good friends at Rhea Footwear would like to giveaway a pair of shoes to anyone who downloads the app, follows me and also Rhea? I love my Rhea shoes, not only are they stylish and comfortable, they have the added safety of being non-slip on the soles, so you can wear them on any surface and you won’t risk falling. I have a red slip-ons that are easily my favorite shoes. I loved them so much I now have them in sapphire blue! I am also trying out a pair of flip flops this summer that are also awesome, they are also non-slip, cute and sturdy. Some flip flops live up to their name, but these are built really well!

To enter the giveaway, please download the To The Tens app (available for free on for both iPhone and Android) follow me – TheBethMn and follow Rhea Footwear. We will be cross-referencing our followers to make sure you are eligible to win. Please leave a comment on this post with the name you signed up with so we know to look for your name! Random winner will be chosen 6/30/2017. Good luck and happy shopping!

Rhea Footwear provided me with shoes for this partnership and giveaway.


7 thoughts on “Style Inspiration with To the Tens

  1. What a great giveaway!! I remember you mentioning this brand and actually looked them up over the weekend. I entered (user name mypixieblog). Xoxo

  2. I so enjoy your outfit pics on Instagram… This is cool though. I love your style. I take inspiration from you. I am such a boring dresser but since I am losing weight I feel like I might be more confidence to try some new things. xxoo

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