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What’s Up Weekend 6.9.2017

It’s FRIDAY! And it’s almost my vacation!! I am going to be crazed at work today but I’m still doing a happy dance of joy! And what better way to kick everything off than my weekly check in of good things for What’s Up Weekend with the Peaceful Posse! Here’s a look at the positive things from the past week.

(1) School’s out for the summer! Ollie did so great with his first year of school, we’re so proud of him. We’re excited to be back at the same Montessori in the Fall, but we’re looking forward to a great summer break for now!

(2) Tacos. Mmm, tacos. Need I say more?

(3) Having an extra day to pack and get ready for our trip. And having a couple of extra days after we get back to ease back into life at home. The last few trips we’ve taken we’ve had some time on either side and it’s worked so well, far less stress!

(4) Thrift shopping. I found some super cute shorts for Ollie. Nate found himself some shorts as well as he was finding he needed some new ones that fit a little better.

(5) Chickens. My sister-in-law is raising chickens and just finished building their chicken coop, so we went over last night to help get the chickens out of her basement and into their new home. Ollie absolutely loves the chickens, it’s pretty cute!

(6) The new Children’s Museum finally being open. We had a blast getting a sneak peek last Friday and can’t wait to spend more time there very soon.

(7) Exciting blog opportunities. I will have a post up soon partnering with my favorite shoe folks at Rhea Footwear again, I can’t wait to share more.

(8) Best Friends. It was National Best Friend day yesterday and I have to say I have some of the best around. My peeps let me be me,support me and lift me up and I cannot do life without them.

(9) #TBT Radio on Spotify. Each week they kind of pick a different era or have a theme. Yesterday was all sorts of the angsty pop rock from the early 2000’s (or as Nate likes to call it, whiny boy music, lol). It was fun to listen to songs I hadn’t heard in years from Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, Reel Big Fish, and others like that!

(10) Today is my last day of work for an entire week! YEAH BABY!

And looking ahead we have – vacation! Well, there will be a ton of prep going on tomorrow for said vacation. Then we’ll be off! I’ll have some posts up while I’m gone next week so be sure to stop by. Have a great weekend!

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16 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 6.9.2017

  1. It looks like you had an awesome week! Tacos are the best! I’m so happy to hear that Ollie had a great first year in school. I hope you have a great trip and a great weekend.

  2. I hope you have a BLAST on vacation! It’s so nice to walk out of the office right before a break and be like “SEE YA, BITCHES!” or maybe that’s just me, ha!

    Awww, Ollie’s face is so cute in that pic with the chickens–you can tell he is so excited about them! Glad to hear he had a great 1st year in school and that he’s now eager about the summer 🙂

    LOLOLOL @ early 2000s–we really did have some whiny boy music back then. Oddly enough, I was listening to the radio this morning and Mark McGrath was on and they played a bunch of older catchy songs I totally forgot about. “Iiiiiii just want to fly…..”


  3. Love chickens!! We get fresh eggs from my husband’s parents each week and they are the best! I love the sound of #TBT on spotify, I’m going to have to check that out… I don’t care how “whiny” the music is, I know I will love listening to it!

  4. Tacos really are the best. There is, indeed no need to say more, but oh how much more could be said. The cheese options. The olive options. Whether to use a spice blend or a salsa on the meat. They are my go-to item when cooking for a crowd of picky eaters because you serve a taco bar and people just add what they like. For a while I subbed out ground beef for quinoa and it worked quite well. I’ve been told it’s even better to sub it out for lentils. Sigh. It’s 5:40 and I’m putting a baby back to sleep and now there’s no chance I’m getting back to sleep with my tummy grumbling!

  5. I’m going to have a listen to that #tbt radio it sounds great! My little boy just graduated from pre-school and they had their photos taken in a graduation gown, it was the cutest thing. Have a fab vacation!
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

  6. A local radio station near me has a special every Saturday evening called “That’s So Last Weekend” and it’s all my high school music. Love it. 🙂

    Have fun on vacation!

  7. Beth, I was stuck on the Taco part! We recently got a new taco place, called Fuzzy’s Taco and it’s amazing! If you come across one over the summer, get the Nacho’s! Ummm…. I think I need to stop their soon myself!

  8. Yahoo! I hope your vacay is amazing, girl! And I hope you enjoy your summer with Ollie b fore he heads back to school in the fall. 🙂
    I could eat tacos ANY day of the week, no problem. I LOVE me some Mexican food.

    Pooh chickens! How exciting that your Sister in law now has some. I vet that had excited Ollie to no end, knowing that family has some nearby. 🙂

    Have a fantastic week off Hun! Enjoy!! 🙂

  9. Woohoo for vacation! I hope you’re having a wonderful time and I can’t wait to start mine! Aww, Ollie looks so big in his last day of preschool shot. Next year I hope to get my act together and do the iconic first day vs last day pics too. Although since he goes all summer there isn’t really a “last day”. So maybe I’m in the clear 🙂

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