Ollie at 3 1/2

Over the weekend Ollie turned 3 and a half. I think when kids are little, half ages still kind of matter. I don’t go around telling everyone that I’m 35 and a half because it makes no difference. With little kids, I think there is still a ton of development that goes on in six short months. So, here’s a little look at Ollie at 3 and a half.

He is finishing up his first year of Montessori preschool this week. We’ve really seen a shift in just the last couple of months of how much he’s willing to talk about school now. He talks about other kids by name, he tells us more about the activities he’s doing and he sings songs all the time. I’m really glad we chose the school we did.

He’s gaining independence. Some days it’s frustrating when he “wants to do it himself” and makes a mess of pouring his syrup all over his pancakes or dumps cat food all over the floor trying to help feed the kitties, but other times it’s nice that he’s starting to do more on his own. He still asks us to play with him plenty, but he’s getting better about playing on his own some too.

He has a temper. When he’s not getting his way or when things are not happening how he would like them to go he definitely shows his frustration. I read an article about how the period from age 3 to 3 1/2 is one of the most challenging, but that 3 1/2 to 4 things settle down a bit. It’s because at this age he is processing SO much in his little brain and it’s often overwhelming and he doesn’t know how to express that quite yet so it comes out in anger, tantrums and even a little aggression like hitting, pinching or kicking. We’ve been calmly trying to deal with those moments with little time outs and we’re finding some success. I’m not being Pollyanna, but I’ve seen a huge shift in his behavior in the last couple of weeks. He still gets upset here and there but we’re able to talk him down much more easily than we could just a month ago.

He’s still picky about eating – but we’re actually turning a corner on that just a little bit. I never thought I’d be excited to have my kid eat McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. He’s responding super well to the bargaining right now of “if you eat one bite of this, we’ll let you have the thing you really want.” And it’s paying off. His favorite foods are still pretty carb heavy – pancakes, french toast, Ritz crackers, Goldfish crackers. He loves strawberries. He also loves pickles. He’s getting better about eating chicken and he likes hot dogs and meatballs. And as I mentioned earlier this month – he outgrew his milk allergy and he LOVES cows milk. He’s drinking milk like it’s going out of style. I have no problem with that!

He is SO funny. I laugh at him several times a day, even if he’s frustrating me. He says the silliest things sometimes. I have been trying to keep a log of some of the stuff he says in my phone because I worry I’ll forget them. Here are a few gems:

To Taylor as she is walking across the couch turning her back to us and basically showing us only her tail. “Hey Taylor! Hey Butt Taylor, I want to pet you!”

While watching The Wheels on the Bus in other languages and an English version pops up. “This video is too ridiculous for me!”

When playing tools in his room and deciding he needed to fix his door. “I”ll be working so busy, Mama.”

I told him I was sad about his behavior one day after we got home from work. He got up in my face and said “Are you feeling a little mixed up right now, hmmm?”

He talks about cars non stop. He knows what car everyone close to him drives. He talks about the car he’s going to get someday. He points other cars out on the road when we’re going places. I guess he has a future as a car salesman!

Thomas the Tank Engine love is quite strong which is good since we’re going to see Thomas in person in Duluth in August! He occasionally watches Paw Patrol still, he actually has a bunch of Paw Patrol books he enjoys and still asks for pretty frequently. Over the weekend we introduced him to the Cars movie and he’s in love with that as well. He also still likes Daniel Tiger and we can still use a lot of the songs to help with things!

I mentioned in my confessions post that he’s about 50% potty trained. We’re hoping to work on the number two issue a bit more this summer, but we’re trying to be gentle about it. He wakes up from naps dry, but still wets overnight and we know that is normal and he may not be night trained for awhile. He’s a great sleeper. While he sometimes stalls bedtime and calls us a couple of times after we leave his room, when he falls asleep he is out cold. I would say maybe once or twice a month he’ll wake up with a nightmare or something, but it’s pretty rare. He is still napping most days. I had thought for sure a a few months ago we were kissing naps goodbye. The naps are getting shorter and there are days he is skipping them, but there are days he definitely seems to need it and he goes down with little protest. If he does skip a nap he has about a half hour of quiet time in his bed and then we just adjust bedtime.

He’s pretty bold. He will start talking to just about anyone we meet. We were at the coffee shop one morning and he just started telling another patron all about what we were doing that day and where his daddy was (I don’t even remember why Nate wasn’t with us that day) and the lady was very kind about it. He’ll order his own food when we go out to eat now if we ask him what he wants.

He is an absolute sweetheart. He will blindside you out of nowhere with the sweetest things. I told him we were going to see Jen’s girls at the Children’s Museum the other night and he said “You mean my best friends Avery and Callie?” He played so sweetly with Callie and then talked about her the whole way home. It was adorable. He loves his people so much -Mommy and Daddy, his grandparents, his aunties, his kitties. And he is 100% Mama’s boy.  I was helping him go potty before bed the other night and he looked up at me and said “Mama, I just love you so much.” HEART MELTED. I love you too my Ollie boy. Let’s make these next six months super fun, but not too fast!

15 thoughts on “Ollie at 3 1/2

  1. Here’s hoping it’s just that first half of three that is rough! I’m not looking forward to it at all! They’re just growing so fast. Slow down, Ollie!

  2. Have heard so many incredible things about Montessori schools, and I’m so glad to see how much he’s thriving there. I understand the use of 1/2 year celebrations–it’s when parents say their kids are 535 months that drives me nuts, lol. Xoxo and have a great week!!

    1. Oh my gosh yes! I stopped counting the months more or less after he was about a year and a half! His preschool application last year actually asked if he was 34 months or something when enrolling and I’m like what? He’s 2 1/2. Is that enough?

  3. You’re right to have so much optimism as a mom. What an awesome son you have, who has such great energy and spirit. When we grow up with attentive and positive parents as he does, the world is wide open to and for us.

  4. He’s so adorable! 3.5 is such a fun age…so many changes in such a short time! I have a mama’s boy too and it is the best thing ever!!

  5. Aw, cute post! He’s definitely growing up a lot. That’s good you’re able to talk him down easier when he’s upset. And yay for being able to play by himself more! My oldest niece was always bad at doing that. haha

  6. Oh my gosh, what a cute kid. I’m a Montessori kid myself and I absolutely love their teaching methods. Even though I have my teaching credential, I wonder if I should ever go back and get Montessori trained.

  7. He is seriously the cutest! I love how expressive he is in all the pictures, and he sounds hilarious! I wish we lived a little closer because my boys would love to play trucks and trains with him. They are ALL about Cars right now, but they love Thomas too.

    1. I think he’d have a lot of fun with your boys too! We might head to Wisconsin for a trip at some point, so you never know 🙂

  8. He is just so adorable!! I love those little “funny things” comments you shared – they made me laugh out loud. I agree with you too that “half ages” are important for little ones 😉

  9. What he said about you being “mixed up right now” cracked me up! I love the funny little things they come up with. (Jona goes “O M G” the other day… it made me laugh!) Some of this was really good to read, because although Jona is closer to 4 now, we have many of the same struggles (although I do think they’re getting better). I’m excited for our boys to meet if that still works out for you to get together the weekend of the 17th! I think they’ll get along great–Jona sure loves his cars too 🙂

    1. Yes! I owe you an email and it’s forthcoming. I do think the boys will get along so great! I could not stop laughing when he said the “mixed up right now” comment. He’s a character for sure. 🙂

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