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Disclosure: I was given a free framed print from Keepsake.Us in exchange for this review. 

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but the digital age of photos has really led to most of my pictures living in my camera or on my computer more or less forever. On occasion I’ll think to print some off to send to Nate’s grandma and then I print a few extra for us. But for the most part, they stay in digital form forever. And the few that actually do get printed? They rarely make it into a frame. Keepsake is an app that is working to make both printing AND framing your photos a much easier process.

You can download the Keepsake app right onto your phone which works great because you can upload a photo right from your photo library. I opted to use their website which is also easy, you can upload from saved files on your computer or from your Facebook or Instagram feeds, which I love even more. Sometimes your friends tag you in a Facebook picture and this way you could actually choose to have that picture printed!

Once you upload your pictures you can shop their frames. They have a large variety of sizes available depending on what you are looking for. For the purposes of this review I was able to choose an 6″ x 6″ frame. When shopping frames you can actually see your photo inside the frame so you’ll know what it will look like. Then you simply add to cart, purchase and they ship it to you within just a couple of days.

I chose the fun photo booth picture from Ollie’s school fundraiser. The frame I selected is a rustic looking orange frame. I love that it is thick enough to sit on a shelf or table, but also came with a hanger on the back so you could hang it on the wall.

The print quality of the photo is great. This particular frame plus print is $39 plus shipping. Not a bad deal overall. I think this would make a great gift for someone or just a nice way to get family photos printed and framed quickly. I definitely recommend giving Keepsake a try for getting those pictures off your phone and computer and into your home for you to enjoy!

If you’d like to try out your own framed print from Keepsake, enter nextdoor15 at checkout for 15% off your order!

6 thoughts on “Keepsake Review

  1. One day after Scott started his job a few weeks ago, he came home a little perplexed: “I think I work at a place where I’m expected to have pictures of my kids on my desk”. I keep meaning to get him some (ding ding ding! Father’s Day! Phew! Glad I procrastinated myself into a gift). But for the most part, my pictures are in digital form too. I swear it was easier when we didn’t take so many pictures!

  2. Oh this looks awesome! I am pretty terrible about getting pictures printed, so I need something like this. I finally just got our pictures printed from the family session we had in September printed…

  3. Wow this is a great idea I never print out pictures because everything is on my phone, laptop or iPad but I would so get a few pictures printed and framed like this it’s so easy!

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