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Long Weekend Love

Fresh off of a lovely long weekend. It was really just what we’ve been needing. Our May has been kind of hectic and crazy, so it was nice to slow down a little, have some fun, get some stuff done at home and also just relax a bit.

Friday night we kicked things off with our annual weekly pizza tradition. It was so lovely outside that we decided to eat our pizza on the deck. Ollie had his usual sausage pizza and Nate and I made a white sauce pizza with pork and asparagus on top. I know the combo might sound strange but it’s so delicious! If we’d been smart we would have continued the fun with a bonfire or something after Ollie went to bed, but Nate hadn’t mowed the lawn yet, so we headed in the house and watched the movie Big Fish instead because we hadn’t seen it in a few years.

Saturday was another nice day, so we got up and went to Caribou and then over to one of our favorite disc golf courses and played a round there. After that we went home and had lunch. Ollie took a nap and Nate mowed the lawn. Then he and I both got cleaned up and ready for our anniversary date night. We dropped off Ollie with his auntie and went and had an absolutely delicious dinner at a restaurant we love called The Strip Club Meat and Fish. Sadly this was our final meal at this restaurant, because they are closing in July for good. It was a wonderful meal. I had Nate take my picture when we were leaving because I loved my outfit, I experimented with a Lularoe hack and I love how it turned out. It’s always nice to have an outfit photo that isn’t a mirror selfie too!

We went and picked up Ollie and brought him home. He went to bed and we enjoyed an annual treat we always love, a little scotch and dark chocolate. And we watched some of the new season of Kimmy Schmidt. Low key anniversary but very reflective of us. And I love us.

Sunday was a beer brewing day for Nate. It’s never too early to start getting beers brewed for our annual Oktoberfest. He’ll be brewing all summer to fill up the bar again. This first batch is one I’m very excited about as it was a special request from yours truly – a peanut butter porter. Anyway, while Nate got started on that, Ollie and I went and picked up my mom and then went to visit one of my aunts for a little bit, then made a stop at Target and headed home. We made our usual Sunday breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Ollie napped and I attempted to sit outside but the weather was starting to turn a bit. I was thinking about the bonfire again but then the rain started so that pretty much made my decision for me! We decided to go out for dinner and hit up Shamrocks Grill and Pub in St. Paul when I discovered it’s another place kids eat free on Sunday nights (add that one to my list!) We were pretty wiped from the brew day and what not so decided to zone out to another movie, this time choosing The Lego Movie because we had never seen it.

And then Monday was cool and cloudy, but we wanted to go do something with Ollie since it was a bonus day off, so we decided to visit the Como Zoo (yay for a summer bucket list item!) as it has been months since we’ve been. Ollie really enjoyed himself this time, I think this was the most interested in the animals he’s ever been. He says his favorite was the penguins, but he also seemed to really love the monkey house and the big cats. He also willingly got on the turtle statue so naturally we took a picture.

After we were done at the zoo we stopped and grabbed some fried chicken from Cub and just did an indoor picnic lunch since it was so cool outside. Then while Ollie napped (we got three naps this weekend, yay fresh air!) Nate and I cleaned up the house in preparation for having our families over for a little Memorial Day gathering. Nate smoked some chicken wings in his smoker and everyone brought some food over. We had a lovely dinner with my parents, his parents and his sister. Ollie was in seventh heaven having so many people he loves in one place! After everyone went home and Ollie was in bed we unwound with an episode of the Office and Always Sunny. And then fell into bed and crashed hard.

So, as I said, we did a lot in one long weekend, but of course it felt short because it went by so quickly. And while the weather isn’t 100% agreeing, it was a nice kick off into summer. Ollie’s just about done with school, we have a vacation coming up and I think it’s going to kick into high gear pretty fast here!

And of course, I have to pause and say thanks to all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free, the reason for our long weekend. Thank you to all service members.

10 thoughts on “Long Weekend Love

  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend! Pizza and movie night sounds awesome! I hope you had a great Memorial Day. Have a great week.

  2. Sounds like it was an awesome weekend! So glad that you were able to go out and celebrate your anniversary! Yay for being outside and the nice weather. I haven’t been to the Como Zoo for awhile – might have to go there again with just Steve and I.

  3. It sounds like you all had a great weekend, which is wonderful! I, unfortunately, got pretty burnt yesterday but overall it was a fun and relaxing weekend for me too. Yay for visiting the zoo and crossing off a summer bucket list item!

  4. Wow, what a busy weekend!! That pic of Ollie on the turtle is just sooo cute!! I love your scotch and dark choc combo too… it’s also one of my faves 😉

  5. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! That pic of you is gorgeous–I LOVE your hair right now, and that top is so fun!! It’s fun to get dolled up every now and then. Also, that asparagus and pork pizza sounds really good!

  6. Ok, so what is the hack for those of us not in the know of LuLaRoe? (Rhymes make me so happy at 6 am!)
    Also, penguins at the zoo? I love penguins! You should have told me that months ago! Now I have a reason to get my passport again…

    1. The top I’m wearing in my anniversary picture is a skirt turned into a halter top 😀 There are a million tutorial videos on how to do all sorts of fun and crazy things with your LLR pieces and I went down a rabbit hole of watching them on Saturday! But it will help me really stretch out my wardrobe more without shopping I think!

  7. Sounds like you had a really nice and fun long weekend with your family! I love that you’re brewing your own beer and and have an annual Octoberfest 🙂 Do you host at your house?

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