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Thinking Out Loud – 11 Years

It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Penny’s Passion as usual for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. What am I thinking about this week? Well, I’m thinking about how 11 years ago it was also a Thursday. It was my last day of work before I would be gone for a week and a half for my wedding and honeymoon. I was rushing around getting last minute things done, though I was mentally checked out of my job and for more than just my impending nuptials. I was desperately waiting to hear if I was chosen for another job. I was busily getting bridesmaid and groomsmen presents bought and helping Nate wrap things up at his apartment.

11 years ago tomorrow was Friday. I met my maid of honor Gina at my office and a friend of hers came and did our nails for us. She also practiced on our makeup for the next day. And then we had a rehearsal in the church and a rehearsal dinner over at Buca di Beppo. The wait staff made Nate and I little crowns out of leftover containers.

11 years ago on Saturday it was sunny, but HOT. I woke way before my alarm and tried to eat some breakfast. I had my hair done and put on a pretty dress. We took a million pictures before I had my one and only bridezilla moment and said I was done. I needed a little time to mentally prepare before the ceremony. Of course I wanted to marry Nate, it was all I had dreamed of for eight years prior to that day, but one thing I learned in all my years on stage in high school and college was before a big show it was good to take a few minutes to center yourself. And then before I knew it, it was time. I walked with my dad down the aisle to meet the love of my life and before our family and friends and the Lord we said our vows and became husband and wife. And then we partied. We danced, we drank, we ate, we partied. It was the best day ever.

And now here we are 11 years later and into our second decade of marriage. I remember the details of 11 years ago pretty well still. I have a feeling a part of me always will thanks to pictures, scrapbooks and a wedding DVD. Some of the details of the 11 years after the one big day get fuzzier and a little more difficult to remember though. Specific good times and even bad times do stick out. It’s almost like a movie montage in my head set to music. But the things I remember or don’t remember aren’t really that important. What matters is that I love my husband just as much today as I did the day I married and actually, I love him even more now than I did then. My love grows as the years go by. Details and memories are nice, but love in the moment is important too. And we make the most of every single moment of every single day.

Happy anniversary to my rock, my soul mate, my partner, my best friend and my everything. Let’s keep making every moment count!

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11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – 11 Years

  1. Aww – what a beautiful post! I remember those days so well. I’m so blessed and thankful that I was a part of your day! One memory I have and will always have is in the limo ride from the bar to the reception was where you told me that Steve was going to propose! Happy 11th Anniversary you two! Love you both so much!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you two! Huge! I made it 4 years in my marriage but it was to the wrong person so that could be it. ha.
    I am so happy for you two! Enjoy each other.

    1. Thanks love! And while your first marriage didn’t work out, you got an amazing son out of the deal 🙂 And now you have happiness with someone else which is fantastic! XO

  3. #CoupleGoals.

    Also, can we talk about how perfect it is that your anniversary falls on National Wine Day. I WILL ALSO BE CELEBRATING on your behalf! <3

  4. Amazing… my husband and I got married 11 years ago on May, 27 as well 🙂 Happy anniversary! Have a great weekend!

  5. Awe. Happy Anniversary! This post was so beautiful. Sounds like you and your husband have an amazing relationship. Love both the pictures too!

  6. Happy anniversary!! We will be celebrating 11 years in July–it’s so crazy how fast the time goes. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!

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