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Mama’s Happy

Hello everyone! Welcome to Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did and I also had a very nice Mother’s Day.

I started my Mother’s Day weekend off with a bit of pampering – I had my hair cut on and colored on Friday night. I seriously love salon so much, I know I say it a lot. But seriously, it’s so nice walking in the door and being greeted with a hug from my stylist and immediately asked if I need a beer. We had a great chat – stylists are like therapists, am I right – especially about the difficulties of the three year olds in our lives. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in some of the behavioral issues we’re dealing with. Anyway, I now have freshly colored super fun hair and I can’t stop smiling about it.

Saturday we went disc golfing because the weather was incredible. I had a quick bite at home with the boys and then headed to the Mall of America to meet up with Jen for a bit, we went to a book reading by Nora McInerny (author of It’s Ok to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too) and then we decided to pre-celebrate Mother’s Day with a margarita in the Cantina upstairs. We’ve decided every year we will do a Mother’s Day eve celebration because we deserve it damn it!

Saturday evening we went and I got to pick out my Mother’s Day present a little early, the boys always plant me flowers to hang on the railing in the front of the house. So we went to Home Depot and picked out flowers. Ollie insisted on planting them as soon as we got home, so they planted them Saturday night instead of Sunday, but I didn’t mind.

Sunday morning I had one request. Instead of brunch I just wanted to go out for donuts. So we went to Glam Doll Donuts in NE Minneapolis and it was delightful. I had a Maple Bacon long john, Nate had the Daddy Dearest and he and I split the Flirty Frenchy which had espresso in a wonderful whipped topping. Ollie also took down two donuts on his own – the Starlet, a frosted donut with sprinkles and the Classic – a glazed raised donut. I also enjoyed a fancy latte.

We stopped to bring some flowers over to my mom and had a nice visit in my parents backyard with them while Ollie played a bit. Then we stopped at Target and headed home. Ollie was good to me and actually took a nap, so I enjoyed sitting out in the sunshine on the deck with a beer. He woke up on his own and wasn’t cranky at all and then joined us outside for a little bit too.

We went in and cleaned ourselves up a bit and then met up with my in-laws for dinner at Osaka. We did the hibachi dinner where they cook in front of you. It was so much fun. Ollie loved watching the chef do fancy things and especially the flames on the cooktop! The food was delicious too, but it was just so fun to watch the guy work!

I finished my day with a couple of favorite shows and some kitty snuggles on the couch. Overall a nice low key Mother’s Day and really just a nice weekend all around! I’m glad we enjoyed the sunshine as much as we did – it is supposed to rain most of the week here now!

I hope you all had a good weekend and a good Mother’s Day!

17 thoughts on “Mama’s Happy

  1. I love your hair! I’m glad you had a nice weekend and Mother’s Day. Love author signings – I hope I can go to more soon. 🙂 And oh my, those donuts look great.


  2. Love how your hair turned out!!! I’m so glad that you had a really nice mother’s day weekend! I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than you!

  3. Happy belated Mother’s Day and sounds like it was a really special one this year! Your hair looks fabulous and I love that your hair stylist offers you a beer 🙂 that’s some great service right there! They really are wondering therapists.

    Also is there anything better than a good donut? I think not 🙂 xoxo

    1. I think stylists are especially like therapists when you’re in the chair for so long for a hair color! Lots of time to chat! And there really isn’t anything better than a good donut!!

  4. Oh gosh, you’ve got me craving a margarita in the worst way! We live in a dry county and the only margaritas I get are in the comfort of my home. Which SOUNDS nice, but I just can’t do it the way they do in Mexican restaurants!

    1. Oh my gosh you make me smile! Next time I go for donuts I’ll get you one and…think of you while I eat it? Unless I can teleport to you somehow. But seriously, thank you for the sweet comment!!

  5. Ooh fun hair, I love it!! I love the tradition of getting flowers to plant for Mother’s Day, that’s a great idea! I think we need to visit Glam Doll donuts when we come to MN this summer, they always look SO good!

    1. I would even meet you at Glam Doll if you wanted me to! 🙂 Although you will have to allow me to direct you to a few good ice cream places too 🙂

  6. Those donuts look amazing!! I agree with you on the hairdresser / therapist bit. For me its more my beauty therapist, funnily enough she has a masters in Psychology so it literally is like therapy sometimes… LOL

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