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Thinking Out Loud – Spring

It’s Thinking Out Loud with Penny’s Passion and what am I thinking about right now? Spring. We go away for one weekend and come back and spring has exploded outside! So many pretty blooms, everything is so green and the weather is finally seeming warmer!

It’s funny, when I was a kid, if you asked me to rank the seasons, I always put spring dead last. I really don’t know why. I do know I was one of those weird kids who actually liked school, so maybe I liked spring the least because it meant the school year was coming to a close. Who knows. But now that I’m an adult, spring is pretty much second on my list after Fall. Winter is now at the bottom, ha!

There are so many reasons I love spring and especially the month of May. We got engaged in the spring. We were married in the spring. We found out we were having Ollie in the spring. There is such a newness and renewing feeling about spring. It’s almost like a fresh start.

April kind of passed by in a blur, but now that our trip is over I’m hoping to enjoy the rest of this month of May and all the loveliness spring has to offer. We’ve already been out disc golfing a few times and I know we’ll keep that momentum going. Nate got the garden planted when we were off on Monday. Ollie’s starting to play outside again with bubbles and his tricycle. Nate got our lawn mowed for the first time (is there a better smell than the first fresh cut grass of the year? I think not). I think this weekend we’ll maybe have our first bonfire of the year because A. it’s going to be gorgeous, B. we have a ton of sticks that fell from the tree in the back (happens every year sadly) and C. It’s Mother’s Day weekend and mama gets what mama wants!

Spring is kind of our warm up to summer. We get ourselves acclimated to being outside so that by the time the warm summer days get here we stay out as much as we can, even if it’s hot. We start cleaning up the yard, getting yard furniture and toys out of storage from the long winter. We tune up our bicycles.

Winter was not horrible this year. We didn’t get all that much snow. But I tell you, I have been just so ready for spring. I’m welcoming it with open arms. I hope this nice spring leads to a nice summer. I know we will make it a good one no matter what!

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7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Spring

  1. I love spring as well!! It’s such a great time with planting gardens and flowers. We had our first bonfire of the year on Saturday and it was great!!

  2. Oh I love spring but summer is probably my favorite…I love the hot weather! But spring is def up there…love the flowers and sunshine! Makes me happy!

  3. After fall, spring is probably my next favorite month too. Plus, May is my birthday month, so that helps! I’ve had a lot of rain, but overall, it’s been fairly nice!

  4. I love how spring always comes with the promise of summer. The picture you have included of that tree is just gorgeous! Enjoy the beautiful weather ūüôā

  5. that tree is gorgeous. all those blossoms. spring’s pretty much transitioned to summer in southeast texas, so i was happy to see that shot. thanks for posting it.

  6. Hmm, I don’t know how I would rank the seasons, Fall definitely first, the rest all have their pros and cons. Especially this year I need fall because i will finally be done with school!!

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