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Weekend Recap 5.1.17

Oh hi Monday, do you think you could maybe turn around and come back later? I swear I blinked once and this weekend was GONE! And this week is a short week because we travel to Missouri on Thursday for a wedding. And thinking about everything that needs to get done at work and home before said trip has me wanting to rock in the corner in a straight jacket. Soooo let’s talk about this last weekend like it is still here instead of thinking about all of that, sound good?

Friday night was our inaugural experience at Ollie’s school’s big fundraiser event. They put on a spaghetti dinner and silent auction once a year. It was quite the event, the silent auction was huge. They had a photo booth, face painting, a bouncy house and a police and fire truck for the kids to explore. Ollie was a bit shy of the fire truck and police car up close, but he was willing to go near them with the help of mom. All of his grandparents came and his sweet besties Avery and Callie (with their mom and dad of course!) came all the way up from Burnsville as well and they had a blast running around outside. These kids are going to have a fun summer together, I can just tell.

We got home and got Ollie to bed a little late, but not too bad and started watching the movie Rushmore. And Nate was a super hero and fixed my blog. If you stopped by on Friday you might have seen my layout was all sorts of wonky. I updated WordPress on Friday morning and it made my layout kind of puke all over itself. But Nate is a rockstar and figured out what to do to fix it and now it’s all pretty again, thank Jesus.

Saturday morning Ollie and I headed to my dear friend Gina’s house where she very graciously made the most delicious brunch for Jen and I. It was so nice spending time with the two women outside of my family that mean more to me than life itself. Ollie had a ton of fun playing with his Uncle Steve’s old cars and tractors and he even made friends with Gina’s puppy Tucker. (Huge development, he used to be terrified of Tucker). After we were stuffed and Jen had to run to work, I took Gina over to Style Encore since she had never been and needed some fancy clothes for work and well, I don’t really need an excuse to go to Style Encore! Ollie picked me out a hat and I decided I actually did need it. We also ran into an old co-worker of mine from back in the day at Fairview (she left FV a few years before I did) and it was so nice seeing her!

Saturday afternoon Ollie took a good nap after his exciting morning and Nate and I chilled with the Oregon Trail card game – which we have yet to win. Has anyone won this game yet? Seriously? We finished our day over at one of our favorite restaurants, Burger Jones. I also laughed a little – Nate got a haircut on Saturday, Ollie got a haircut on Saturday and me? I got a hat. Insert laugh/cry emoji here. At least I can use a curling iron or something on my hair for the wedding!

Sunday was not so pleasant outside, but we took our time getting up, got coffee and went and walked around Target for a bit, then came home and made a nice breakfast at home with Ollie’s favorite – pancakes. After Ollie had a nap we ran to Home Depot for more supplies for the garden project and then went to my in-laws for dinner and last minute trip planning. Finished our day with The Office, Always Sunny and Malcolm in the Middle. Who needs current TV when the classics are always streamable?

And now we’re to Monday and as I said, this week will be an interesting one. Lots to get done in three short days and then kind of a lot of crazy travel for the wedding. But I think it will be fun once we get there! Hope you all had great weekends too!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 5.1.17

  1. I had such a great weekend! I’m so glad that you were able to make it on Saturday for brunch. I was so happy that Ollie warmed up with Tucker and ended up loving him. I also loved seeing Ollie and Steve playing with his cars/tractors on the floor! Thanks for taking me to Style Encore – I can’t wait to wear my outfits! Fingers crossed that one will get me the job if I get the second interview.

  2. Agree completely. This weekend went by way too quickly for my liking. REWIND!

    Awww, I love Ollie’s new hat! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend and that you have some really fun stuff on the horizon. YAY for weddings! I’m excited to see your pics 🙂 I’m glad that Ollie is warming up to puppies–that’s HUGE! I used to be terrified of dogs as a kid, which is odd, because I now feel 100% more comfortable when I have one in my presence. Isn’t that funny?

    I didn’t notice that re: blog but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly crashed my site. I get SO PARANOID about doing updates because I’m convinced that one of them is going to take the whole thing down, lol. Glad that you’re up and running again!

    Hope the rest of this week goes by quickly for you. XOXO

  3. You guys had a crummy Sunday weather too? Same here!
    But it sounds like it didn’t hinder you from doing some pretty cool things.
    And streaming is the best thing for those kinds of days – AMEN!
    I love that picture of you two in front of the truck. I think that is a mandatory thing at all school fundraisers. Fire trucks! Can’t have one without it!
    I hope that everything goes smoothly this week!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! My boys would have loved exploring the fire truck. So nice that he had his besties there too! I’ve been watching Netflix a lot lately…nothing current either. Best of luck getting everything done this week, and have an awesome time at the wedding!

  5. It looks like you had an awesome weekend. Yay for catching up with good friends and aw, I’m sorry you get the hat instead of a new haircut! The event at Ollie’s school sounds/looks like it was a blast. How fun!


  6. Time moves faster the nicer it is outside and the more you have to do, so I imagine weekends will go at warp speed for the next few months.

    Kids and dogs are always a tricky combo. I didn’t have much exposure as a kid so I’m still hesitant around them. I’m trying to make sure that C doesn’t pick up on that as she grows up. But she has 8 dogs in the yards surrounding ours and an aunt who is a dog trainer so I have a feeling that she’ll turn out alright. Yay for Ollie and growing out of his fear!

  7. That sounds like such a nice weekend! Yay for pancakes and Target runs 🙂 And nice job Ollie on the hat picking!!

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