What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 4.28.17

Wow, it’s the last Friday in April! May is almost here and the weekend is upon us! It’s time for my weekly look at things that made me happy and a look ahead at what’s coming up in my favorite weekly link up with the Peaceful Posse gang!


(1) Ollie’s new toy box. Nate’s aunt and uncle had this in their basement for their grandchildren who have now outgrown it. Nate’s aunt is an artist and awesome painter and she re-painted the outside to say “Oliver’s Toys” with a super cute truck. Ollie is absolutely in love with it because it has a bench he can sit on as well. We’re loving having a place to hide some of his toys so they’re out of the way!


(2) Sparkling water. We used to be more into sparkling water years ago and then kind of got out of it. I’ve been drinking some in the afternoon at work though because our work fridge is stocked with it and have rediscovered that I do enjoy it. My current favorite flavors are lemon/lime and mandarin orange.

(3) The Mario Kart carts at Target. I knew that Ollie would love them and I was right. We got one of the last ones they had the other day and he got so excited. I’m guessing they won’t have them forever since I think it coincided with the release of the new Mario Kart game, but it was still fun for one visit!


(4) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I think we’re on our fourth time of watching the series from beginning to end and it never gets old. My favorite seasons were four and five and those are the episodes we’re in right now. A gal I follow on Instagram does cross stitch pieces and had one of Charlie from the episode “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack” and I felt like I found a kindred spirit. Not many people I know get the humor of that show.

(5) Some new makeup from Colourpop cosmetics. I had a deal in my email for a free lipstick with purchase so I decided to jump on it. Colourpop is pretty affordable anyway, but if I can get something free I will (#budgetlife). My order arrived yesterday. I’m trying out their eye shadow in addition to two new lippies. So far I like it!


(6) Building a giant blanket fort with Ollie in the living room. He was feeling cooped up one night this week with the cold yucky weather outside and we were trying to come up with something to do while dinner was cooking. So I said, let’s build a fort! My entire linen closet was emptied into the living room, but he was having so much fun it was worth it.

(7) More pictures from the Galleria Art Walls I talked about on Monday. I still can’t recommend stopping down there enough if you’re local!


(8) Just Cookie Dough from Target. Oh-em-gee. It’s egg free and dairy free and is meant to be just eaten raw. You could bake it into cookies if you wanted too, but straight out of the jar is the way to go. I have tried the regular and the peanut butter so far. Next time I’m getting birthday cake. NOM. Yes I know you could just make egg free cookie dough yourself but sometimes I’m lazy. Target gets me.

(9) Wearing pink all week. It was sort of unintentional, the first three days this week I wore some kind of pink and then decided I would continue the trend all week long. I realized I own a ton of pink. I could keep going into next week if I wanted. I could probably do an entire pink month. Just call me Regina George I guess, I’m ready to be leader of the Plastics.


(10) Getting lunch out with my boss for Administrative Professional Day this week. It’s nice to be recognized for the hard work I do, it didn’t always happen at my old job, so it’s nice to feel appreciated!

So even though the weather was pretty blah until today, it was a decent week overall. This weekend should be pretty fun too. We have a big fundraiser at Ollie’s school tonight with a spaghetti dinner and silent auction and lots of other fun activities going on. I have brunch with some friends and otherwise just some family time to look forward to with my two favorite men. We’re hoping to keep things low key because next weekend we’ll be traveling for a family wedding. Life is never boring at our house, that’s for sure! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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11 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 4.28.17

  1. I’ve never seen that “It’s always sunny” show but have heard great things! Will have to look for it 🙂

    Awww those Mario Karts are the cutest. Olli looks like he’s having a blast and love his new trunk!

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. I love it that Ollie loves those carts! The blanket fort is such a great idea when it’s crappy weather outside! I’m looking forward to the brunch tomorrow and hope that you guys get some good quality low key time as well!

  3. Your outfits for the week are too cute! That’s awesome your boss took you out for lunch; how nice!

    Omg- I love Ollie’s toy box. that’s adorable – I like that he can sit on it.

  4. LOL… you usually only refer to your son as Ollie and so when I saw “Oliver” I was so confused. Toy benches are the best because you can just chuck toys in and be like “yup, I cleaned up”. I mean, the kid can clean up. Ya, because that works.

  5. I LOVE Ollie’s toybox. So cool the way it’s painted!!! I’ve also been enjoying the Mario carts at Target. And the two big red balls that they have covered with Mario and Luigi. I think they should make it a regular thing and change characters all the time. Love all the pink! Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. It’s so cool that your boss took you out to lunch for Admin Professionals Day. That toy box with the bench looks awesome and Ollie looks so happy! It must be fun to see him enjoy it all so much. 🙂

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