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Thrifty Tuesday – Save or Splurge

thrifty tuesday

As I continue to adjust to our new budget friendly life, I thought I’d share what I plan to still “splurge” on and other areas I think are worth it to “save.” I’m not writing this post as a guideline for how you should live your life. I’m saying this is what is going to work for me. First up, the areas I’m going to budget enough to “splurge” on.

Splurge Items:

Hair – I did the cheap haircuts for a few years, but a couple of years ago got back into the salon experience and for me it’s just a necessity. My stylist does a fantastic job, she just opened her own place last year so I’m supporting a local business and she’s also become a friend so I’m helping a friend. I look forward to my hair appointments for an hour of me time. We talk about our kids, places we’ve been and what we’re up to. It doesn’t hurt that she also hands me a beer the minute I walk in the door! I space my haircuts out about every six weeks and only get it colored a couple of times a year and it seems to work fairly well to budget in for it. It makes me feel good and sometimes that’s important!

Running/Hiking shoes – I will never, ever skimp on good quality running shoes. It’s necessary to protect my muscles and my legs. Nate bought a pair of running shoes when he still used to run with me that were not good for him and he ended up with shin splints. Good shoes are just so vital. I’ll be replacing my current ones very soon because I know they will not last the summer as I’ve already had them for quite awhile.

5ks – This goes along with the shoes I suppose, but I set a goal to do ten 5ks this year and they aren’t exactly free to participate in. I want to hit that goal so I’m choosing to budget appropriately so that I can do so. It’s worked out to be about one a month so far. You do the math.

Car Maintenance – I used to take my car to the closest mechanic to my house and while they did an ok job, I had a number of recalls recently that needed to be taken care of so I brought my car to the dealer for the last round of maintenance I needed and I much prefer the experience there. It might be a little more expensive than the local shop, but my car is going to be better for it, they’ve got good records, they’ll catch things sooner and the process is really easy. I like easy.

And now here some areas where I used to splurge more and I’ve decided to try to save on.

Save Items:

Manicures/pedicures – I freaking love a good manicure and/or pedicure. And I’m not saying I’m never getting one again. I might watch Groupon for deals. Otherwise I am going to try hard to use the nail polish I have at home (and I have a ton of it, let me tell you) and attempt to paint my own nails more and maybe treat myself once this summer to a good manicure/pedicure.

Car Wash – I like taking my car to the awesome full service car wash because they vacuum for you and all of that. But my dad has everything I need to do a good car wash at home – including a warm water hook up outside – so I think this summer I’ll just take it over there more. And I think I have a little helper who will find it lots of fun to wash mommy’s car this year.

Clothes – Well it goes without saying I love clothes and I love to shop. I’ve returned to my thrift store ways and it’s really made a difference. I do still check the clearance rack at Target too, but I’m avoiding Old Navy, other mall stores and especially skipping Stitch Fix and even my Secondhands Fashion boxes. The hardest one is Lularoe. But I haven’t bought any LLR in over a month now so I feel like that’s pretty good. My good friend who sells it often has incentives for people who help her out every now and then, so the next time I need an LLR fix I might just have to sign up to help her and earn some credit that way!

Books – I’ve been working hard to find all my book club books at the library and I’ve been successful so far! I’ve really been enjoying using the library more again and it helps that Ollie really loves the library too. If I can’t find what I need at the library my next stop is Half Price Books or the thrift store. No more Amazon for now.

And there you have it. Just a few areas that I feel are worth splurging on and a few that I feel I can save on. Might not work for everyone, but I think it will work for me. Next week I’ll share some thrifty tips for kiddos, so stay tuned for that!

14 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesday – Save or Splurge

  1. These are great tips! I have currently have two clean out kits for ThredUp, so I need to try and fill these bags and hopefully get a credit. Then I don’t mind buying something. I need to try thrift store shopping more. But the issue I have, is I have a hard time finding clothes that fit me and aren’t too “old” looking. It’s funny – we have flip flopped on our hair. I’m growing mine out, so I don’t think I’m going to see Tricia too often. I’m just going to go to a cheap place to get my hair trimmed to help it grow out faster.

  2. This is a really great list! I have been trying to save money on books. I tend to buy so many books so I have been trying to go to my local library instead.

  3. Great list! I definitely am trying to save on clothes now. I bought way too much LLR and have returned to my thrifty ways now lol. Also totally agree with the books. I do still buy them at times, but I never pay full price plus I read a ton of library books… one, because I’m a librarian and two, because it makes no sense to spend $28 on a new book that I can get for free from the library.

  4. Oh the salon girl…YESSSS….go. My hair dresser is now my therapist. Just kidding. She isn’t. But when I went in to get my bangs trimmed, I was so frazzled that she said, “Girl, you need to go for a coffee. Let’s go” and sure enough, we went for a quick coffee. I needed that so much. Just girl chat.
    I have not bought a new pair of running shoes in years! I can’t run because my spine is literally held together with metal, osteoarthritis and prayer, so I stick to just walking. But kudos to all of you for the running! I wish I could! It looks like such a good stress reliever!
    PS. I didn’t know that it costs so much to run!
    ANd I need a pedicure! Very soon. That’s a splurge item for me..because I can’t bend and do it myself HA!

  5. I am pretty much 100% with you here–I definitely splurge on haircuts and save on books, clothes, and manis/pedis too. We have recently decided to do a total budget overhaul as well (is it a spring thing?) and I’m going to share more about it soon and have a fun calendar to help make staying on budget more fun. I love that you have been thinking about this too, I know I’ve said it before but it’s so nice to see other people who have real life budgets and can’t just shop all the time 🙂 Thanks for keeping it real, sister 🙂

  6. I stopped buying books about 6 years ago and instead did for many years. Now I’ve switched to Kindle and only get free books or those I can borrow from my library using the Overdrive app. Definitely helps!!! And I always do my own nails to save money 😉

  7. YES! I agree on all your splurge items (I make these a priority, too!) and I love that you’re running 5k races! That is awesome. I run a few races per year too and they just keep my motivation up!

    I also agree on the ‘save’ items…. I maybe get a pedicure once or twice a year and I’ve completely switched to getting my books from the (digital) library. I am not saying that I am never going to by a phyiscal book again (that is going to happen for sure!) but I will reserve money for the books that I REALLY love and HAVE TO have. 🙂

  8. Amazon is dangerous for me but strangely I never buy books.
    Haircuts have been a save for me lately simply because I haven’t got my act together enough to make an appointment. I had one booked for a week before I was due with M, but cancelled it when she showed up early and never rescheduled. But I miss that hour of me time!

  9. Great ways to save. I agree with you on the shoes and haircuts issue. I use my gym shoes so much that I tend to need a new pair every 12 months if not sooner, but I figure the money spent on them is worth it.

    I had a dodgy haircut from one of those cheap salon’s once, just before my engagement party and I was so annoyed (I asked the lady to “trim my fringe” (you guys call them “bangs” I think) they were about chin length and I just wanted them layered from roughly my eye level down. But instead she just grabbed a hand full of my hair and cut the whole lot off straight across my forehead and it seriously looked ridiculous!! Ever since that horrible day I’ve gone to a good hairdresser every 6 weeks and stuck with that.

  10. That’s great you’ve found ways to save in your everyday life – and you know what items are truly worth it to splurge on. I don’t do much with my hair, so I just go every few months to get it trimmed and thinned out so that’s not too costly. I’m also trying not to buy too many brand new books because I have SO many that I really need to read still – if I do, it’s usually a Kindle title that’s not too expensive.


  11. The cost of the 5K are unfortunately why I don’t do many of them anymore. I tried the once every other month thing and still was going to be paying over $150 a year for it. I just couldn’t justify it when you can run for free. Though the race holds you to that commitment. I do spend my money on the workout shoes though 🙂

  12. I’ve recently made the same list, but alas, pedicures and manicures made it on to my splurge list. We all have to make our own decisions, right. I’m also saving on the clothes thing too and trying to save on the kids’ clothes as well. They’re not growing as fast and they really don’t need every cute thing Target or Old Navy puts out. And saving on the cleaning service. Oh, how I miss that, but it is so much money. The biggest thing for me was cutting out all of the automatic monthly payment services. Moving made it easy to break some ties and I’m trying to not sign up for any new ones. Interesting post Beth.

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