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Thrifty Tuesday 4.11.17

As I attempt to get back to a more frugal lifestyle in living with my new budget, I thought I’d use Tuesdays to share thrifty tips, deals, things I’ve recently found, thrifted styles, etc. I’m calling it Thrifty Tuesday. Super original right? Today I wanted to share some recent finds from my favorite new to me consignment shop, Style Encore.

Style Encore is a national franchised consignment shop (though they are headquartered here in MN). They buy gently used women’s clothing in well known brands. It’s similar to a Clothes Mentor if you’ve ever been to one of those, but I like Style Encore better. The store is beautiful inside, the staff is always super friendly and helpful. When selling items to them they are always very kind about the items they are passing on. They are all inclusive, they carry all sizes, from petites to plus size. They even have a free styling service you can sign up for and they’ll pick outfits for you to come in and try! I haven’t done this yet but might in the future sometime!

Now before I go too much further, let’s real quick remind ourselves of the difference between consignment and thrift. Consignment is items that someone brings in and sells for a small profit before the store turns around and sells it (Style Encore pays on the spot, I know other shops do not pay until your item sells). Thrift is strictly donations. Therefore, the items in a consignment shop are going to be a little more expensive than the items in a thrift store. So you might be going, ok Beth, you’re trying to save money, why would you shop consignment? Well, you can still find great deals in a consignment store. Every item is brand name of some sort and definitely cheaper than the item would be new. Style Encore also has a fantastic reward program, for every so much you spend or sell, you earn money off. If you sign up for text messages, they’ll also send you periodic deals. I got my mom a gift card there for her birthday and learned I had 20% off for a future purchase. Here is what I got when I took her back to shop.

Gap Dress:


I was drawn to the color of this dress right away. It fits great (I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet though, therefore no pictures of me IN it. Should’ve done a dressing room selfie.) The price for this one was $16.00 (new dresses at the Gap are upwards of $50, so already we’re getting a deal). Stay tuned to the end for my grand total though.

LOFT Jeans:


Ignore my end of day scrub look here with slippers, this was after a long day at my early shift (therefore face cropped out, ha). Anyway, I have had a heck of a time with jeans lately. I’ve gained weight. It’s life. The jeans I’ve been trying on to try to replace them I haven’t been liking that much. Then I found these LOFT jeans on the rack at Style Encore. They were SO soft, so comfy and I only had to go up one size from what I had been wearing. There was another pair I really liked too by Chicos, also very comfy, but I had to choose one (budget man) so I chose these. Price was $18.00, which I figured is cheaper than the Denizen jeans I like from Target, so it was a win. These are seriously my new favorite jeans.

Vera Bradley Bag:


Ok first of all, yes it’s ANOTHER bag. Yes I have a bag problem. I can admit it. And secondly, I’ve been known to um, make fun of Vera Bradley in the past. I just didn’t get it. I thought they were meant for old grandma ladies. But this one just called to me. I was hypnotized by my favorite colors. And I tried it on my arm and it was super comfortable. I have neck issues sometimes and a lightweight bag is kind of a nice idea. It’s really roomy inside. I kind of fell in love. I’ve been carrying it for three days already and it’s become my favorite thing, even if Ollie said he didn’t like it yesterday (that kid is SUCH a critic). He liked it on Sunday, haha! Call me an old lady, but I think I’m becoming a Vera fan. God help me. Anyway, this one was $20.00 with an original price tag still attached stating it was $68.00 brand new. So I already felt like I scored a deal.

For those playing along at home, the three items together came to $54.00. Not exactly a great amount of money to spend for someone newly on a budget. BUT, I had 20% my entire purchase, so the total came down to $43.00. I had set myself a $40 limit for my trip, so yes, I went $3.00 over but I decided that just meant I can’t go to Caribou or Starbucks this week when I’m at Public Works in the early morning.

I’m happy with my purchases, I felt like they were practical and items I will get a lot of use out of this spring and summer. And I’m trying to get back to my rule of when something new comes in, something else goes out, so I’ll be starting a new bag to take out to Style Encore to try to sell a few of my wares as well!

14 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesday 4.11.17

  1. I have never tried Style Encore! I should give them a whirl. I need to get better at thrifting – especially if our casual dress goes away at work (I don’t really have any dress pants anymore). I wish they had bigger selections for big and tall men too.

  2. i went into chico’s once to see about getting an outfit to wear for a big interview the next day (i used to write for a newspaper, and i was going to the community’s realtors and builders awards which featured ty pennington as the guest speaker). i wanted something new. so i tell the gal there about this, and she comes at me with this HOT pink silk blouse and these cream pants that had an ugly floral print (rust and magenta and lime green ferny looking thing). and then she wanted me to pay a couple of hundred dollars for the stuff. i said i’ve got less than a hundred to spare, and she’s all, you’re not gonna find an outfit for less than a hundred. i went next door to gap and bought a sky blue dress for sixty bucks. when i walked past chico’s she was standing in the doorway so i stopped, held up the dress and told her how much i spent, which was about a quarter the cost of the blouse and pants. CRAZY.

    and jeans… god bless it, those are HARD to find. i’m glad you found some you love.

  3. I like the concept of a consignment store but I haven’t had much luck. When I was pregnant with Jamie I found a couple sweaters to hide my growing baby bump. I need to look at different places. I have only tried clothes mentor.
    I think that dress is super cute. I wish I was confident enough to wear dresses. Maybe when I drop a few lbs.

    1. If you ever get pregnant again or know anyone who is, send them to Bellies to Babies in Richfield – it’s a maternity consignment store! I bought so much there when I was pregnant with Ollie and then was able to just re-sell it after I had him! 🙂

  4. Nice finds! And I like the thought of giving up a trip for coffee one day this week to account for going just $3 over your targeted budget!

  5. I just had this conversation with my mom as I was showing her our spare closet which is currently housing my recently paired down work wardrobe. I noticed that very few of the pieces that survived the purge were thrift shop items. They were mostly big ticket items in classic styles. I love thrift stores and actually am planning to try and hit one up this weekend, but I figure they are great for short term pieces (like right now when I need easy-access shirts), but figured once I go back to work, I’ll need to fill in some holes on a longer term basis. I’m setting aside money now so it won’t be a huge cash suck right before Christmas but I am also going to take a look at consignment stores since they deal more with quality than quantity. The thrifter in me still gasps when I see the price tags in Gap, Banana Republic or RW&Co (might be Canadian chain I think?) so hopefully consignment will be easier to handle!

  6. I love thrifty shopping! I like to shop on Thred Up online. I still spend some money but it is always MUCH cheaper than the original price tag, and even find brand new items which is great. I am going to love this series for sure! Maybe we can even collaborate on one!

    1. Oh I love Thred Up too! I just wish I could try thing on sometimes, but I play it safe with what I know fits in certain brands. And I would LOVE to collaborate with you on a post! We should definitely chat!

  7. That’s a cool idea! I don’t think they have those stores over here. Just the regular thrift shop type stores, but often you can get brand names fairly cheaply. It’s amazing what some people give away!

  8. LOVE that bag! I feel ya on not understanding vera, I don’t have any, but there can be some really cute ones! (and some not so cute ones.)

    1. I think some of the newer Vera items are less old lady like. I saw a plaid bag in their collection that I’m totally going to be looking for next winter!

  9. You found some great deals! I budget too and always look for good deals! I’ll definitely follow along on your Thrifty Tuesday posts! 🙂

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