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What’s Up Weekend 4.7.17


We’ve made it to Friday! It was a bit of a crazy week and next week isn’t going to be much better, but I’m still finding things to celebrate for What’s Up Weekend! Here are the things I loved or made me happy this week.


(1) A date with friends at a restaurant I’ve been dying to try. We’ve been talking about going to Saint Dinette in St. Paul for close to a year and the stars aligned (and so did our schedules) that we were finally able to go last night. The burger was seriously one of the best I’ve ever had.

(2) Celebrating my mom’s birthday today! We missed her birthday last year because we were in Jamaica so we’re so happy that we are able to celebrate with dinner and cake later today! Happy birthday Mom!

(3) Sunny days. It was cloudy and yuck earlier in the week but by Wednesday the sun finally broke through and it’s been sunny every day. The weekend is supposed to be glorious with sun and highs in the 70s and I cannot wait.

(4) Donut Friday. Yep I know I’ve said it before. But it is such a treat to end the week with a donut!

(5) Cat improvements. I’ve shared a bit about our struggles with Taylor and her cranky old lady-ness, but we’ve tried a few things in the last couple of weeks and I’ve really started to see her coming around. I’m catching her laying with Pippin again and it’s making me happier than I can say.

(6) Speaking of pets, the joy of taking Ollie to the pet store. He loves to look at the fish, birds and small animals. I can entertain him there for quite awhile. It’s practically a free zoo!

(7) Jamaica memories. My Timehop has been showing me all the pictures we took in Jamaica a year ago this week. I can’t believe it was a year ago already. While I wish I could be there now it’s fun to re-live it through the pictures and memories.

(8) Eggs. Nate has a co-worker who lives in Northern MN and comes to the office about once a month. In exchange for some tomato plants from us she gave us fresh eggs from her chickens. We aren’t getting a CSA share with fresh eggs this year, so getting the eggs from her was a wonderful treat. Fresh eggs are SO good.

(9) Our plants are taking off quite nicely so far. Nate planted the seeds in early March and so far they’re all growing well. He’s going to start bringing the plants outside this weekend to get some good sunshine. As long as they keep doing well we’ll not only have tomatoes this year but also peppers, radishes and onions. And a smattering of herbs.

(10) Getting assigned a solo piece for Easter Sunday mass at choir practice. I really like the piece, it’s called I Will Rise and it’s quite lovely!

In addition to my mom’s birthday, this weekend we’ll be celebrating my mother-in-law’s retirement. She’s been working as a librarian for many years now but today is her official last day! Congratulations, Barb!

Nate will also be making traditional Russian Sausage with his dad for Easter this weekend. And I hope that we can get outside and enjoy some nice weather. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and hope you are enjoying some great spring weather too!

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16 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 4.7.17

  1. Lovely list! Do you have any idea how much I want those fries and that donut??? Oh my gosh! Yesterday I was by a donut shop and I could smell the donuts. I was like, YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!

    I told Mr. J that we needed to start our seeds in the house. I hope that it’s not too late. UGH procrastination is one of my ugly traits.

    Have a great weekend sweets!!

  2. Awww, happy birthday to your momma <3 My dad had a birthday this week (we're one day apart!). Love reliving some of those memories via Timehop… and Jamaica. Doesn't it just make your heart swoon? Cannot wait to go back!

    Um, ending each week with a donut is pretty much the best thing I've heard in a long time. That donut looks delightful.

    And YAY for trying out new restaurants with friends 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend, Beth! *HUGS*

  3. Congrats on your solo in the choir! I’m glad your cats are doing well. That picture is too cute. Happy Birthday to your mom! and omg, I love the idea of a donut friday.


  4. we went to the pet shop this week and got some new fish for our pond. My little boy loved picking them out, he named his moon! The burgers you had looked amazing, I love a good burger!
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

  5. Great list! My kitty isn’t very snuggly either. I haven’t planted anything yet this year, still seems so early but YES!! The weather is getting nicer, can’t wait for summer-like weather tomorrow!!

  6. This is such a happy uplifting list. I’m so jealous of your egg supplier. Fresh eggs are just so much better. And congrats on getting a solo. One of these days, you should record yourself singing and post it.

  7. Hoping you are having a great weekend! Congratulations on your solo for Easter. I’m also loving your photo from Jamaica. Where did you all stay? We love Jamaica and have been 4 times – we have to remind ourselves that there are other places to go and vacation.

  8. Hey Momma,
    I hope you had a fantastic weekend and you were able to relax and enjoy. 🙂

    How nice it must have been to celebrate with your mom this year when you were unable to do so last year.

    I love donuts too but my ass does not, hence why I’m at the gym so often. LOLOL

    The weekend was beautiful here and I hope it was for you, too. Have a great week hun. xo

  9. So many yummy things in this post–Beth, you’re making me hungry! I think I may have to start implementing donut Fridays! And that is awesome that you’ll be singing a solo. Go Beth!!

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