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Thinking Out Loud – Nap Time

It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Penny’s Passion. And what am I thinking about today? How much I love naps. I’m not just talking about taking naps, I mean there is nothing better than dozing off on a lazy Sunday afternoon after a big breakfast at home, but I am instead referring to how much I love my kiddo still taking naps.


However. I’m seeing signs that nap time is starting to go away. And I think I’m going to have a period of mourning. And no, it’s not because it means my baby isn’t a baby and is getting older too fast and I’m mourning his babyhood (though I guess I am a little). Instead I’ll be mourning the loss of a couple of hours of free time!


Maybe that sounds terrible. Maybe it makes me sound like a selfish parent. But when you work all week and are raising a very active little human, those breaks on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon are kind of needed and appreciated. Sometimes Nate and I sit together and play cribbage. Sometimes I go out and do something with friends. Sometimes I read a book while Nate runs errands. Or sometimes I run errands and enjoy being able to do so child free. And sometimes I nap too. No shame in that game.

We’re seeing signs that Ollie’s transitioning out of needing that afternoon nap. The last few weekends we’ve fought for over an hour to get him to go down, external things like noises from outside are distracting him more than they used to, I often have to lay with him to get him to fall asleep and then we end up having to wake him up and then he’s almost crabbier than he would be without a nap. And don’t get me started on bedtime. The more we fight for the nap on the weekend the harder bedtime becomes. He’s missed a nap here and there and has not been too bad without it.

During the week he’s still been doing pretty good with his nap, but I think that’s because we get up earlier during the week and I also think school tires him out both physically and mentally so he more easily winds down. And of course this week he’s been fighting a bit of a cold, so that always makes a difference too. But the weekends have been a battle.

So we talked and we have a plan. On the weekends we also kind of sleep until he wakes up which is usually around 7-7:30. We’ll still kind of use his nap period as a “quiet time” which we’ve seen recommended a number of places. He will go to his nap place and have an extended period of quiet time. If he falls asleep fine, if not, he just gets a little bit of a rest period and we as parents still get a minor break. I even told Nate we can probably still play a round of cards while he’s having that time or we can each sit and read a book. We can still take turns being the person to go out and do something during that time. It honestly might not be that different.


I’m trying to look at the positives too, if there are afternoon activities we want to try now we can do them without worrying about him missing his nap. Or if we’re out and about earlier in the day we don’t have to rush home in time for his nap. I think with summer coming along with our upcoming travels this might be a good thing.

Like any transition I’m guessing this might be a bumpy ride at first, but he’s pretty much led the way on almost every milestone, so if he’s showing us he’s ready to give it up I’m just not going to keep forcing it.


And as long as I still get sleepy snuggles like this every once and awhile I think it’ll all be ok.

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15 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Nap Time

  1. Sweetheart I feel you! I know exactly what you mean. When Jake stopped taking naps I did mourn a little. Yes the transition is tough but you will love not having to plan everything around naps. You got this!!

  2. Very interesting read today. I know, I joke all the time that I wouldn’t have complained about naps when I was little if I knew how much I would miss them as an adult.

  3. I know how you feel. I remember when my boys stopped taking naps. The transition can be a bit tough, but everything will be ok. I always tell my boys that when they grow up, they are going to miss naps.

  4. That shirt is awesome! I’ve had to morn the loss of naptime with all three of my boys. To be fair, they are 4, but I still need that quiet time too….which they don’t get the concept of at all. Everyone has been sick lately, so today I am demanding a nap.

  5. Oh gosh, I personally love naps. But yeah, it’s good AND bad when kids start not needing naps. Like you said, you don’t have to worry about being home or missing certain activities. At the same time, it can be a great break. I think the idea of quiet time is great!

  6. The loss of naptime was a sad time but now that she’s older, we sort of get it back. Not because she’s napping but because she wants time to herself or talking on the phone/FaceTime with her friends. Hang in there. You’ll get your time back.

    (And no, you don’t sound selfish. Getting a break is nice)

  7. Aw he is such a cutie! Hoping this transition goes smoothly for you (and there is nothing selfish in enjoying a few moments to yourself! I’d say it’s necessary for sanity)! 😉

  8. Oh my gosh! That shirt is everything. I can’t take naps as an adult. No matter how hard I try, my body won’t allow me to do it. I would rather just go to bed early. Ollie is ADORABLE!! It’s a hard time when they transition out of naps, but such a fun age too. 🙂 Hang in there, mama!

  9. Those naps are precious times, but you seem to be handling the transition just fine. Those “quiet times” are good too. You & Nate are such good, thoughtful parents. I’m so proud of you both!

  10. Interesting how kids develop. I’m finding, as I enter old-age, that I need and enjoy naps more than before. Too bad I don’t have a loving mommy to tuck me in. 🙂

  11. I don’t think you’re selfish at all, and I don’t think anyone else (especially moms!) would either. Naptime is a time to be treasured, ha! But as I was reading I was also thinking that as Jona gets closer to this stage, I would try a “quiet time” too so I’m glad you mentioned that. He still does pretty well with naps for the most part (and I really do need that time on the days I work from home, so I hope it lasts a little longer. But right now I’m mourning the fact that Violet and Jona’s naps aren’t lining up…no!! Violet’s going to bed earlier, so it shifted her schedule, which is good, but now there’s only a very short (and sometimes non-existent) window when they’re both sleeping in the afternoons. Not cool. 🙂

  12. I get really cranky when my littles don’t have naptime (or when they do, but all at different times, or when it’s late and the minute I get them home then my older kids come home from school.) I don’t think it’s selfish at all to need some time to recharge.

    1. And of course I wrote this post and he ended up taking a good nap both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. We got a lot of fresh air though!

  13. I just wanted to echo a) the love of naps and b) the love of quiet time. I think structuring kids to have quiet time is very, very smart. It was something we did when I worked in a children’s day treatment and I saw a lot of value in it (I also see a lot of value in running kids around till their bodies are warn out too!). But honestly in the hustle and bustle of life a problem is that we don’t often teach our bodies to calm down, and chill out. And there’s great value with that. With the kids in day treatment we often did it after yoga, and we would have time where kids could choose to read a book (or be read too), put together a puzzle, color, listen to an underwater meditation, etc. It is what becomes adult self care. Sooner we teach it, easier it is to learn 🙂

    So go you!

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