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What’s Up Weekend – 3.31.17


Happy Friday! The weekend has never looked so good. It was kind of a long week! It’s always good to start the weekend on a positive note, so here’s a look at the ten things that I loved or made me happy this week!

(1) Playing around with the Outfits by Cladwell app on my phone. I don’t know yet if I will keep it permanently since it is a monthly cost, but it’s been a fun app to use and see what it will put together for me. I’ve tried downloading other apps before that have all required you to take pictures of everything you own – which is a LOT of work for this busy mama. Outfits by Cladwell simply lets you choose items similar to what you own and then you go from there. And you can set it up to know what the weather is going to be so it chooses based on that too. I might be hooked. We’ll see if it’s worth the cost after a month or so!

PicMonkey Collage

(2) Booking a trip to Duluth this summer. It’s just an overnight, but Oliver is going to think we are the greatest parents in the history of the Universe. We’re going up for the North Shore Railroad’s Day out With Thomas and Friends in August. He will get to go for a ride on a train just like Thomas. We did make a tough choice this week though, because we’re doing this along with a trip to Itasca and a trip to Missouri for a family wedding, we’re skipping All Pints North in Duluth this year. You heard me right. I gave up a beer festival so I can take my kid to a train show. Who have I become? (I kid, I honestly cannot wait to see the look on Ollie’s face when he meets Thomas, it’ll all be worth it!)

(3) Speaking of beer, one of my favorites of all time is finally available in MN – Dogfish Head! We used to pick it up from Wisconsin every once and awhile. You might wonder how we even discovered it – we found it when they did a TV show a few years ago on TLC. The owner reminds me a bit of the guy who started up Surly Brewing here in MN. Anyway, it hasn’t been available here but starting this week they are FINALLY distributing here. We happened into our local liquor store the other night not even intending to find it, but then we saw it and I might have done a dance right in the aisle. #beernerd


(4) Delicious homemade pasta dinners for at home date night courtesy of my chef husband. Who needs a fancy meal out with a man who can cook like him?

(5) Winning a giveaway from my new favorite local jewelry designer. I met Kristin of Little Wishes Craft through the MN Twitter community and she’s awesome and started making jewelry recently with stamped metals. I won a custom pendant from her so I asked for one that says “Mama Needs a Beer”. I wear another one from her that says “Nevertheless, she persisted” just about every day. You should all go check out her online shop here (link because I love.)

(6) This adorable tassel keychain I picked up at Target. I can’t help love anything related to my home state and I saw this on an end cap the other day and like most items I purchase at Target but don’t really need, grabbed it right away. The minty color is super fun for spring. I hung it on my favorite bag to give it a little spring bling.


(7) We really have nothing major planned for this weekend and can kind of take it how it comes. I do love sometimes when weekends are free and open like that!

(8) A co-worker brought in homemade cupcakes and we had a cupcake coffee break outside on Tuesday afternoon. Not only was it a tasty treat, it was nice to get away from my desk and sit outside with my co-workers for a little bit. There are two guys in my department that are around my age and we joke that we’re siblings and our two supervisors are our parents. I kind of want to convince them to dress up with me for Halloween next year as the siblings from The Royal Tennebaums. I think we could probably win the contest if we did!

(9) I get my hair trimmed after work today. I can’t wait, it’s really feeling shaggy right now. But the color has been lasting nicely and often after a trim it really perks the color back up, so I’m looking forward to that!

(10) Oliver’s funny personality. He just makes me laugh every day with things he says and I seriously wish I could write them all down. He’s pretty obsessed with the sad trombone “whomp whomp” right now. I was getting ready to go back to work after lunch yesterday and said “well I have to go back to work now because I’m the only one taking phone calls on the appt line right now” and Ollie goes “whomp whomp.” It was the best timing ever. I couldn’t stop laughing as I drove back to work.


(Yes that is a Fox 9 News logo behind him. He asked to have one so he can do “News” – so Nate made him one)

And now on to the weekend! As I said, it’s pretty much wide open and those are honestly the best. Tomorrow we’re supposed to have good weather, so I think we might get out on the disc golf course for the first time this year. I think we’ll also be grilling for dinner tomorrow too! What made you smile this week? What do you have planned this weekend? I hope you all have a great one!

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25 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend – 3.31.17

  1. I love this list!!! I’m bummed to hear you won’t be going to All Pints North this year, but man alive is Ollie going to love the trip to see Thomas!!! Enjoy your free weekend!

  2. Ohh nice list! I will have to check out the app! It sounds like fun! Your trip sounds like it is going to be awesome for Oliver! I hope it is a blast! Also cupcakes on a Tuesday away from your desk sounds like a dream. I can’t wait for the good weather to get here in NY. I want to sit outside so bad! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh!! I love Duluth. It is only 25 minutes from my cabin so we visit often. I love that keychain. I might have to stop by Target tonight and get one. BTW your son is so stinkin’ cute!!

    1. Aww thank you! We think he’s pretty cute too, but we’re kind of biased 😉 If you go to Target it was kind of over by the cards and stationary on an end cap.

  4. OMG, that Royal Tennebaums idea is GENIUS! please do that. It would FOR SURE win best Halloween costume 🙂

    Your son sounds like a riot. I love that he already is working on his comedic timing (and the WHOMP WHOMP is hilarious!). lol!!

    You have a man who can cook! That’s such a wonderful thing, eh? Every now and then Bryan helps out in the kitchen, but sometimes I have a hard time letting go because honestly, I really enjoy the process and it’s one of the only chores I thoroughly enjoy.

    Annnnnd now I want a cupcake 🙂

    XOXO and have a great weekend, my sweet!

  5. I’m from Delaware, where Dogfish Head lives, and it’s so weird to me that it’s not everywhere because you can’t go into a liquor store or restaurant or bar around here without it being sold. We actually live an hour from the main brewery and a little over an hour from the original restaurant (we’ve been to both)!

    1. I am so insanely jealous! It’s on my bucket list to go there in person! Isn’t it funny about regional stuff though? I’m sure you have no idea what I mean when I talk about Surly or Summit!

  6. He’s adorable…and will LOVE Day out with Thomas. I took my three boys a year ago, and they had the best time. I love that tassle key chain. And I live in WI 🙂

    1. I like WI a lot too – because I love cheese, lol. And you have one of my other favorite beers – New Glarus!! I went to Milwaukee on a girls trip last year and I’m looking forward to going back with my husband and son sometime!

    1. I bet Surdyks will – if not I know Total Wine will have it as they were advertising it. We found it at our Municipal Liquor store in Columbia Heights, so if they had it I bet Surdyks will!

  7. So many amazing things! Cupcakes, pasta dinner, hair cut, shopping at Target! Seems like your week was wonderful! Hope your weekend will be, too!

  8. Oliver’s such a cutie!
    Got to love state-shaped goodies – I almost feel sorry for people from places like Wyoming or Colorado because their states have boring keychains & such (I’m from Michigan)

  9. These are all such awesome things. Ollie saying “whomp whomp” cracked me up! And I love that you got the Outfits app! You’ll have to keep us posted on how it’s working for you. Also, Jona would love meeting Thomas. I’ll have to keep an eye out for something like that around here!

  10. That is a cute keychain and the trip to Deluth sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait to see your new ‘do after your cut. Be sure to show it off.

  11. It is so sweet how Ollie likes fox 9! I’m impressed that you’re missing All Pints, maybe this will be the year I actually go? I’ve been saying that for 2 years, so we shall see what actually happens.

  12. My little boy would love to see Thomas too! I think there is somewhere in the Uk that has a Thomas train so I need to look into where that is?! I love your bag tassel the colour is fab! My weekend is pretty chilled too, I do most of the work for my blog over the weekend so I’ll be doing that but I want to spend some time in the garden as the sun is shining! Enjoy your weekend!
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

  13. No fair — now you have me wanted a Surly! And, btw, you are the best mom who makes the best choices for the best little man in the world.

  14. Oliver is a proper grown-up boy now! Wow! What a lovely trip you are taking him on! I am not surprised he is so excited. Your sacrifice is worth it! Ha ha, I can imagine his comic timing on the trombone sound!
    Mmm, I wish my husband would cook more as he is much better at it than I am! Very glad yours is!
    The keyring is delightful!x

  15. Hey Hun,

    How was your weekend? Nice and relaxing or did things crop up that needed/had to be done?
    Your little guy Ollie isnpretty adorable. I think I’d die everyone he’d do the sad trombone house. That’s awesome. 🙂 I’m sure he’s going to be so, so excited when he sees what you have in store for him (Thomas the Train). That’ll be something I’m sure you’ll remember for a long, long time to come.

    Cheers to a great week ahead, Momma. 😉

    1. It was pretty much relaxing! Which was wonderful! And I am very excited for Ollie to see the train! Hope you are having a good week!

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