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Thinking Out Loud – Kid TV

Welcome to another Thinking out Loud Thursday, hosted at Penny’s Passion. Today I am OVERthinking about children’s shows. Yes folks, my life is quite sad if this is what’s keeping me up at night!


But seriously, we’ve been watching a ton of Thomas and Friends with Ollie lately and one dumb thing keeps bugging me. There are human characters on this show. Thomas and the other trains even have human engineers driving them. So why the heck do they get themselves into so much trouble? Why does Thomas’ engineer let him speed down the railway so he can be in the other train’s photographs or go splashing into puddles or race to be faster than any of the others trains so he can get the best job when a special visitor comes? Is the Island of Sodor some strange planet where machines control everything? Ok, I know. It’s a KIDS show. None of those things should really matter!


I also have to talk about Paw Patrol as well. Ryder, the human in charge of all of those pups appears to maybe be a teenager at the absolute oldest. Where are his parents?? How does he afford all these high tech gadgets? I know, my concerns are pretty silly when this is a show about talking dogs that can do a lot of skills that even I cannot do. A lot of people also complain about how for lack of better words, stupid, the adults on this show are. Honestly that doesn’t bother me. It’s just Ryder. Maybe his parents are undercover spies traveling the world and that’s how he gets all this gear!


And lest you think I am only poking fun at the shows my child enjoys, I’ll also look at a couple of things from my youth as well. For example, Buzzfeed recently blew my mind with one little fact that could change the outcome of the entire plot of the Little Mermaid. Ariel signs her name on a contract when she gives up her voice to become human. Therefore – SHE CAN WRITE. She could have wrote a note to Prince Eric explaining everything. But then the movie would have been about half as long.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 19.08.53

Or how about all the cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny or the Pink Panther who essentially don’t wear clothes, but yet they get out of the shower and wrap a towel around themselves to cover up? What’s up with that?


And hey Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow – what happens if I DO take your word for it?

Well, it’s clear now that I either need a new hobby or I need to get out more! My brain is such a fun place! Make sure to check out more Thinking Out Loud posts over at Penny’s Passion.

5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Kid TV

  1. You bring up a lot of good points though. In addition to the Bugs Bunny one – why is he shaving? He has fur and yet when he’s done shaving he still has all of his fur by his face where he shaved. Oh and Donald Duck – he wears a top, but no pants – same thing – when he gets out of the shower or a bath, he puts a towel around his waist. Interesting…..

  2. This made me laugh!! I am so with you–I’ve wondered about where Ryder’s parents are a couple of times. Also, Jona used to watch Bubble Guppies (thank goodness not so much now) and they go “outside” and it always bugged me.. . they’re already under water–where else can they go?

  3. You made me giggle! I have often wondered about that with the towels too! AND YESSSSSSSS, Ariel so COULD have written Eric a note1!!

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