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See Bethie Run: Hot Dash 5k

5k number two of the year is now in the books. On Saturday I participated in the Hot Dash 5k in Minneapolis. The name of this race is a play on “Hot Dish” which is what Minnesotans call casserole. This race was a part of the 5k running series I signed up for with Jen. The next race in this series isn’t until July, but we’re going to hopefully sign up for some other ones to hit our goal of ten 5ks this year.


Picture stolen from Jen because I was too cold and lazy to dig out my phone. Also, is our Minnesotan showing? 

It was possibly colder at this race than it was for the race we did in February! I’m blaming a lack of sunshine and some intense wind. We came in at a better time than the race in February though, so perhaps the cold air propelled us to go a little faster!

One of the best parts of doing 5k’s aside from it being good exercise, is the swag and freebees! This time we received an awesome zip up jacket that I already know I’ll be wearing on the disc golf course on chilly mornings this spring. At the finish line they had a fun party going on where we got a dish of tator tot hot dish, chips, fruit and the best part, a free glass of beer! But as I mentioned, it was cold, so we pretty much stuck around for some photos, wolfed down our hot dish and kind of slammed our beers and headed for the warmth of our car.


Photo credit also to Jen because #toodamncold. But, Beer!

And then we promptly went to get coffee and donuts because that’s how we roll. We never said we were in this to lose weight!


The next race we’re looking at is on Earth Day so I have to think that it will be warmer by then, at least one can hope!

11 thoughts on “See Bethie Run: Hot Dash 5k

    1. It’s part of a series of races put on by the same folks who do the Twin Cities Marathon. I will never be a marathon runner, heck, I’m barely a runner, but a 5k is do-able for me!

    1. Oh you’re so sweet! I’ve been doing them for a couple of years now, sometimes I walk more than run, but I like getting out there and doing it. For me it’s not how fast I finish, just that I finish! You can do it too!

  1. Wow, Beth–that’s incredible! 10 5Ks??!! Color me very impressed. And cold. Looking at your pictures is making me a little chilly, not gon’ lie, HA! Looks like an incredible day–you can’t go wrong with coffee and donuts. Ever 🙂


  2. Let’s do an unofficial 5k somewhere! (because I’m cheap and don’t like to pay for races) and because then we can go out for an awesome brunch afterwards!

  3. And then kind of slammed down our beers — what?
    And a donut at the end? What?
    Now that is my kind of race.
    That is amazing!
    I kind of wish I could run. I can’t because half of my spine is metal and arthritis so I’d literally fall apart but I’m in awe of all you people who do these things. It takes dedication man. Keep on keeping on with your bad selves.

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