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See Bethie Read – Talking as Fast as I Can


Another book down for the year, I feel like I’ve already read more than I read at all in 2016! My latest read is Lauren Graham’s Talking As Fast As I Can, which you can see I snagged at Target for 30% off. I am a huge fan of Lauren Graham. I already professed my love of Lorelai in my Gilmore Girls review, but I have honestly loved her in anything I’ve seen her in. Sarah was possibly my favorite Braverman sibling in Parenthood. I’ve seen Lauren in a few movies as well. She just has a charm about her that makes her instantly likable. And her memoir is no different.

She speaks of her childhood a bit and how she got started in acting. She paid her dues through many auditions and bit parts here and there. She was actually cast as a lead in a different show when she found out that Gilmore Girls was given the green light. She took a chance on Lorelai and it turned out to be just the right decision.

She shares other bits and pieces of her life. I laughed when she talked about how she tried to go vegan to impress Ellen DeGeneres. She talks about dating and how people used to worry about her showing up to awards shows as a single person. I also laughed when she recalls presenting an award one time with Peter Krause who would play her brother on Parenthood – but whom she would also begin dating years later as well. She shares a cute story about how she used to dole out advice to her younger cast mates and created a character in her head called Old Lady Jackson.

My favorite chapters are when she shares what it was like working on Gilmore Girls both times. In fact, the chapter on the revival is very poignant and emotional, you can really see and feel just how much that show and that character meant to her. I found myself feeling all the feels right with her.

This book definitely just made me love Lauren even more. I want her to be my older sister or something, she just seems like she’d be a lot of fun to have around! If you were a Gilmore Girls or Parenthood fan I highly recommend this book.

4 thoughts on “See Bethie Read – Talking as Fast as I Can

  1. I loaded some books on my eReader since Madeline has had a long string of bad nights and apparently that’s all it takes to make her a decent sleeper! You will definitely read more books than me this year at this pace!

  2. I love Lauren Graham too! I’m pretty terrible about keeping up with pop culture so I don’t usually read celebrity memoirs, but this is one I think I may have to pick up! Gilmore Girls is the best! Also, I’m so impressed with all your reading lady!!

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