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SQT – The Ollie Edition


Been a bit quiet on the blog this week, honestly I have some posts I’m working on and just haven’t had a chance to polish them up quite yet, so hopefully there’ll be more exciting fun content to read next week. For now I’m taking the easy road and linking up for Seven Quick Takes at This Ain’t the Lyceum again. This week I’ve decided is all about Ollie. We haven’t had an update on him in awhile! So here we go.

(1) Paw Patrol mania has been replaced by Thomas The Tank engine at our house. I’m not necessarily complaining. He does still like his Paw Patrol books, stickers, and online games, but he’s been choosing Thomas as his bedtime show ever since he got sick last month and given his new obsession with the Model Train museum over in St. Paul it’s just all about Thomas. There’s an event in Duluth this summer where Thomas and Percy are coming to the North Shore Railroad and I think we just might have to look at doing a long weekend up there for it, I think it would make his whole life right now!


(2) He’s still soooooo picky about eating. We’re practicing patience as much as possible. Scary Mommy posted a really great article about picky eating from the point of view of the picky eater. I can’t find the link now because of course I can’t, but it’s really a great read about some different things I never thought of before. Keeping this in mind we’re just trying hard not to push him on some of this right now. He eats at least something at every meal and that’s what is most important.

(3) His new favorite bedtime stall technique is the classic “mommy I have to go potty” move. He’s pretty much pee trained at this point and our routine is to have him go before his bath and usually one more time before he gets into bed, but he’ll still sometimes ask to go because he knows he will get to get out of bed and go. The other night I was patiently trying to get him to do his thing and had a little bit of a stern look on my face and he kept going “Mom. SMILE!” in a sing-songy voice. Then he’d get a stern look and would repeat “SMILE” with his cheeky grin. I couldn’t not laugh at him.

(4) Last week we went to the mall to find some shoes for Nate. We stopped in at Games by James and picked up a copy of Hi Ho Cherry-O for Ollie. He LOVES it. It’s the perfect game for his age right now. He loves to count, so it just works out so well. But I get a kick out of one thing – he calls it Hi Ho Cheerio.


(5) My new favorite thing to do with him is visiting our library. I’ve been using the library to get my book club books as much as I can and I bring him along and let him pick out books too. He usually picks one or two on his own and then I find a few I know he’ll like and we have a lot of fun reading them. We have a full shelf of books we own for him, but it really is nice to shake it up every now and then with something new. Again he makes me laugh when we’re at the library, he’ll ask me in kind of loud whisper “Is this my quiet voice mama?”

(6) He’s decided he really likes showers. A few weeks ago we had gone to the swimming pool at the community center and of course showered before and after being in the pool and after we came home he started asking if he could shower too. So we’re doing kind of an every other night schedule now, one night he gets a bath and the other he gets a shower. I think this is the cleanest his hair has been in quite some time thanks to that! He’s pretty well behaved in the shower too, sometimes he gets a bit too rambunctious with his water in the bath, but in the shower he’s pretty good, so less mess for me to deal with. I’ll take it!

(7) At sleepy times he’s still the best cuddler. He might be a busy, active guy the rest of the time, but when he’s getting tired or right after he gets up from his nap or in the morning when he first gets up he just wants to snuggle with me. I eat up every last second of it. They’re some of my best moments of the day.


He certainly keeps us on our toes and challenges us daily, but he is an endless source of love and joy. I’m starting to see much of myself in him as his personality develops – he’s not a fan of mornings, he has anxieties about loud noises, he loves cheese and he loves his blankie. But I am also seeing some of Nate in him as well, he loves to take things apart to see what they’re made of or what’s inside and then (with help) put them back together, he loves to help cook, he also loves to help with the plants (we started our vegetable seeds already) and he’s sensitive to light in a similar way to Nate too. It’s so fun seeing these things develop, his traits that our like ours, but his own traits too! He’s full of personality and honestly, even on some of the bad “threenager” days, three is possibly my favorite age. I’m sure I’ll say that about every other age too though!

Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “SQT – The Ollie Edition

  1. Oh my goodness the after bed peeing game. C will go right before bed and yet some how she manages to save some up so we have to acquiesce.

    I can’t stand Thomas, but it’s been so long since I saw Paw Patrol I don’t know how to rank them. If I have to see one more Dora though!

  2. Aww, hi Ollie! I feel ya on the picky eating–Jona is right there with him. It drives me crazy and tests my patience! Maybe we should try showers too. Right now bath time is a struggle, he’s decided he HATES to have his hair rinsed and he fights us hard core. Ahhh three year olds. Have a good weekend!

    1. Oh girl – the bath struggles are REAL. Ollie doesn’t want his hair rinsed lately either? I’m glad we’re not alone there! The showers do work for the most part.

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