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Whew, February passed by in a blur! I suppose it doesn’t help that I was sick for part of it and Ollie was sick for part of it and it’s just a short month to begin with! Anyway, it’s a new month and it’s time for Currently with Anne of In Residence and her guest host Carrie from A Stylish Fit! Here is the latest in my world!

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Wearing – All the layers. The weather has been so flip-floppy here lately, we had a string of warm days and then today woke up to cold and snow, so layers have been a must. I got a new Carly from Lularoe (yeah are we surprised?) and tried it out over a denim shirt. I saw this look on my new favorite mom blogger, Amy from To Wit, To Woo and decided to try it out. I like the look. Last Friday it was a bit warmer so I wore my Randy t-shirt, but since it’s still a bit chilly in the office I decided to add this cute wrap my mom found at Sam’s Club. It was just the right amount of layers!

Saying – How much I am in love with my Neti Pot. Yeah it’s gross. But I tell you, I had never tried one before, but this weekend my sinus pressure got so annoying I just had to do something more than just Sudafed and I tell you. The Neti Pot has changed my life.

Watching – We’re really not watching much current TV right now. And honestly it’s been kind of nice, I need the mindless release from the craziness of our country at the moment. So I’ve already mentioned we’re watching the Office, we’re also watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from the beginning again because we love it and we’re just about done with Parks and Recreation. We’re in the season where Ann and Chris leave Pawnee and I’m dreading the episode that they go. Ann and Leslie’s friendship is one of my favorite parts of the show.

Posting – Later today I’ll be getting a post up on North Star Unicorn celebrating our one year anniversary – say what?? Yep. Well techically the anniversary is February 29 (the most Unicorn of days) but we don’t have one of those this year! So today it is. On Friday I’ll be posting about my Lenten challenge this year since Lent begins today. Hint – it’s about kindness.

Eating – My brunch club met at Moscow on the Hill in St. Paul on Sunday. I have been there for drinks and for dinner before but never for brunch – it did not disappoint. I had myself a wonderful Russian treat called a blintze. It reminded me of a crepe. It was stuffed with cream cheese and fruit and was absolutely delightful. They also had a build your own bloody mary bar that was unlimited if you purchased food, but be warned, they’ll give you a healthy pour of vodka!

So that’s the news from here! Looking at March my calendar has some things on it, but it doesn’t look over-crazy at the moment. Ollie has spring break this month. I’ll be doing another 5k. Beyond that things appear to be calm – we’ll see if that changes I guess!

Be sure to check out Anne and Carrie’s blogs for other Currently posts or to add your own!

8 thoughts on “Currently in March

  1. I love reading your currently posts! I can’t wait to read what you are doing for Lent this year. I need to figure out what I’m going to do. I don’t know yet.

  2. Being married to an ENT, we have all kinds of Neti Pot and sinus rinse sort of things around here and he’s always telling me to use them whenever I have a stuffy nose… but I HAAAAAATTTTEEE them, so I have just learned not to complain about my nose to my husband 😉 And a brunch club?! I think I need to be in one of these – how fun!

  3. With all the sickness I’m sure you were glad to see February go. I have to echo Anne here–how fun to be in a brunch club! I think I need to start one of those. Although I’m not a fan of bloody marys–I hope the brunch gods will forgive me 🙂

  4. We’re Sunny fans too! I know you said you haven’t watched much current tv lately, but have you heard of The Mick? It’s a new show this season that we’re hooked on – Kaitlin Olson stars in it and her character on this show is pretty much exactly like Sweet Dee!

  5. You should remind me of the new favourite mommy blog because it’s 1am and I’m totally intrigued by another blog but have not slept so likely forget my own blog by morning.

  6. I had my first sinus infection a few weeks ago and it was so awful, I couldn’t even take anything good because I’m nursing and any drugs that looked like they might help said in big letters MAY DRASTICALLY REDUCE MILK PRODUCTION on them. Well, fine. I don’t have a Neti Pot so I just snorted some salt water. It kept me alive, but it wasn’t fun.

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