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Get Knit – Curling and Craft Beer

I love Get Knit events. I’ve sung their praises before, but seriously, I love that they do all the work in putting together something fun and unique to do. On Friday, Nate and I attended their “Curling and Craft Beer” event. We’ve tried to go to this for the last couple of years that they’ve put it on, but it always sells out so fast. This year we were lucky to snag a couple of spots right away.


The event took place at the Frogtown Curling Club in St. Paul. We started the evening with Juicy Lucy Burgers from the Blue Door Pub and a glass of Indeed Brewing beer. Then they had one of the members of Frogtown explain a bit about how curling works. After that we were broke into teams and brought out on the ice.


Each team is made up of four people. There are two teams per sheet of ice. Each group had a member of Frogtown with us to show us more about how to curl. Curling is kind of like bocce ball, bowling or shuffleboard. You have one person send the rock down the ice and then two people “sweep” to help it go faster (the sweeping actually warms the ice ahead of the rock, therefore allowing it to glide quicker) and the last person is the “skip” who is down at the target giving instructions on where to aim and if the sweepers should sweep or hold.


That rock is heavy! It’s 40 some pounds and it’s solid. It was not easy launching it, but we all got a chance to try it out. It’s tricky to try to balance (you’re on ice after all!) and get good momentum on releasing the rock. My favorite part was definitely sweeping, I was much better at that!


After we had about an hour’s worth of instruction we got about two hours to play. It is really a lot of fun even if it isn’t all easy. I would definitely try it again sometime! You definitely get a workout, especially when you’re the one doing the sweeping. I think with some practice it would definitely get easier! Though I’m wondering if you get less sore each time you do it, I was definitely feeling it over the weekend!


If you’re local, seriously check out the events and adventures that Get Knit puts on, they really do a great job and you might have a chance to try something new you may otherwise have never done!

(Get Knit is not sponsoring this post, all opinions are mine, I link because I love.)

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  1. That sounds like a blast! I didn’t know much about curling–other than watching it on the Olympics and it looking kind of funny ūüôā But it sounds like fun, how cool that you got to try it out. I love the idea of something unique like this as a date night!

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