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Go Sportz Ball!

I’m really not into sports. It doesn’t help that MN teams have a tendency to break our hearts on a regular basis, but I’m also not a sporty person in general, so I’m just not really into most sports. BUT, I love the Super Bowl. Every year we get together with my in-laws and make all the most terrible for you snacks and appetizers that you really don’t eat any other time of the year and stuff ourselves while sort of watching the game, the commercials and the halftime show.

We’ve started having them come to our house to watch the game so that Ollie can go to bed if it gets late. This works out well since we have the giant bar stocked with beer! We set up a folding table to put all of our snacks on and it was packed with food. You’d think there was more than five of us (I’m not really counting Ollie since he had his own little snacks).


We had Mexican salad, queso dip and chips, potato chips and onion dip, cocktail weenies, bruschetta with fresh bread, mini shrimp and for dessert, peanut butter blondies. The blondies were supposed to be in the shape of footballs, but that didn’t quite work out. No one complained – that plate completely disappeared.

We settled in with our goodies and watched the National Anthem. I’m not a huge country fan but I thought Luke Bryan did a respectable job, it wasn’t over the top and showy. I LOVED the Sisterhood from Hamilton singing America the Beautiful in three part harmony. We decided we were rooting for Atlanta because we wanted to root for the underdog so to speak. And in the beginning that seemed like a good choice!

I was a little underwhelmed by the commercials this year. I don’t have a problem with any of the ones that were making a political statement. There just weren’t any that I felt were truly spectacular. I loved Melissa McCarthy’s spot and I loved the Honda CR-V yearbook ad. And I liked the message in the Audi ad about equal pay. But other than that, I didn’t think anything was terribly exciting.

And now let’s talk about Halftime. Lady Gaga was fantastic. I guessed that she would put on a great show and she didn’t disappoint. My favorite part was when she stopped briefly at the piano to give a shout out to her mom and dad, that was really sweet. She had great energy the entire performance and I thought the entire thing was really well done. Definitely best show in the last several years in my opinion.

I started getting super bored during the second half, the good commercials always seem to air during the first half it seems. The game seemed in the bag for Atlanta. And then holy crap that last quarter. Again, I’m not a football person and I didn’t want the Patriots to win, but I will tell you they definitely had my attention at that point!

So overall it was a fun evening with our family, I ate way too much and promptly got on my elliptical this morning for the first time in many months! I will say I’m pretty excited for Super Bowl 52, no matter who plays, it will be held here in MN, so that’s going to be a pretty big deal!

What did you think of the game/commercials/halftime show?

5 thoughts on “Go Sportz Ball!

  1. I thought the commercials weren’t the greatest again this year. I did like the KIA one with Melissa McCarthy and I liked the Buick one too. I thought the halftime show was good as well. I’m excited for next year when it will be here. I was SHOCKED about the game and what happened in the 4th quarter – talk about a comeback. I wasn’t happy that the Patriots won, but oh well!

  2. No interest in NFL. No interest in football in general. I loosely follow the Winnipeg Jets but mostly complain about how much we pay for cable just to give up on them halfway through the season when they inevitably burn out. But appetizers? Ya. That’s something I can get behind.

  3. Looks like an awesome spread!!! I didn’t watch the game, I was worn out from beer dabbler and didn’t feel like meeting up with anyone.

  4. We had a great time and ate way too much, but oh boy, was everything delicious! And those blondies…wow!

    Thanks for the fun night..including Ollie serenading us with the “wheels on the bus” in Portuguese!

    Mom & Dad K🤗😋

  5. I’ll admit that my dedication to watching sports is definitely not as strong since having Jacob! Ohio State (my alma mater) football and Cleveland Cavs for basketball are the two I manage to pay some attention to. I put Jacob to bed and by the time I came back downstairs it was halftime and my husband was watching Lady Gaga so I knew it had to be good – he never has any interest in the halftime show haha!

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