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Agnes and Dora

You guys. I have a huge confession to make. This is big. I cheated on Lularoe. And…..I liked it. GASP!!! So who is the evil temptress that has stolen me away? It’s a similar clothing company called Agnes and Dora. I had seen a review on a couple of blogs I follow and was very intrigued, so I started doing some research.

It sounded very similar to LLR – one of the main items is leggings. They have similar skirt and dress styles. But one of the biggest changes I saw right away is they have a lot more shirt options. Finally I joined an Agnes and Dora FB group (much like LLR it’s one of the only ways to shop, they do have a few items on their website, but it’s much more limited) of a consultant in MN and she had an entire outfit for sale that I fell in love with – so I decided to give it a go.


Pretty cute, right? This top is called The Muse. I have been looking for a swing style top like this for a very long time. I gravitated towards this red color because I knew I’d have a ton of things I could wear it with. I’m wearing a size S and it fits perfectly. And also, this shirt can be dried in the dryer – all LLR must be hung dry.


And let’s talk about the leggings. They are just as buttery soft as the leggings from LLR. And they might….be made slightly better. I haven’t decided yet. The stitching seems a little stronger to me. The only reason I even say anything about that is I have had three pair of LLR leggings get holes or torn seams. The pattern on these are equally as fun as some of the patterns from LLR. Again, the colors in these leggings I knew I would have lots of options of things to pair with them! Also, worth noting, the Agnes and Dora leggings are $22, verses the $25 for LLR.


So now you’re probably wondering, what’s my takeaway here. Am I leaving Lularoe forever? The short answer is no, of course not. I still love my Lula. One of my oldest friends sells LLR and always hooks me up with good stuff, so I’m definitely not giving it up. And this is only one outfit from Agnes and Dora so far, but I will say I’m very impressed with it and would like to try some other things as well. I think LLR and Agnes and Dora can play together and be friends, at least in my closet. Agnes and Dora is still pretty small compared to LLR, but it’ll be interesting to see if it grows at the same rate – I think it is definitely one to watch.

6 thoughts on “Agnes and Dora

  1. I’ve been very interested to read your thoughts on this new company! I absolutely love your top and wouldn’t mind looking at getting one for me. I love swing tops!

  2. All of your friends have such fun “product party” options. Mind sell cleaning products. While I am big into tights/leggings the shirt issue still exists because shirts have to cover my bum. I have strict rules about that.

  3. Look at you with the inside scoop!!! I still haven’t purchased any LLR, I need a website with all of the options available, the Facebook shopping just does not work for me. But I totally get why its an excellent sales strategy!

  4. Interesting! Love the style of that top for sure. I just bought my first LuLaRoe items last weekend and while I was a little bit skeptical but have to admit that I’ve lived in my leggings. ūüôā

  5. Ooh cute, I love the color and the swingy shape of that top. I’m so behind the times–I haven’t tried either brand. I need to get on it!

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