The “Two Year Hair Experiment”

Two years ago this month I embarked on a little project. After years of a short pixie style I decided to grow my hair out in what I dubbed “Project Hair Grow.” When I started, I had no real vision, just decided I wanted to see how it would go. Then I found a style I wanted to work towards, kind of a medium bob.


May 2015

I finally kind of hit the length I was looking for early last year – but wasn’t 100% happy with it. I have thick heavy hair and it was feeling thick and heavy.


December 2015

So then I added bangs to try and lighten things up. I called it my Taylor Swift look, ha! This was probably the toughest look to maintain.


May 2016

After summer hit and I was still feeling like my hair was too heavy, too much to deal with on warm summer days I started the switch back to pixie land.


July 2016

First it was kind of a longer style pixie, then I was going for a short pixie with long bangs and now, we’ve come full circle. I’m back to short, spiky pixie. And I feel the most like “me” that I’ve felt in a long, long time.


Friday last week, Jan 2017

I’m not saying these last two years were terrible. I did have a lot of fun with my experiment. It allowed me to try some things I haven’t tried with my hair in a long time. It got me back to the salon. I started playing around with color and that’s something I can do even if I have short hair.

In retrospect, I think I know another reason I gravitated towards growing my hair out – it wasn’t just because I was bored or looking for something new. That was definitely part of it. The other part of it though, was that was a time that I was in a huge transition in life. Many things around me were changing. Praise Project was ending, I was looking for a new job, relationships were changing, I was still transitioning to motherhood. So I think I was looking for something I could control in the time of great change. I often get high marks at work for “adapts well to change” but I’ll admit – I don’t handle change that well, especially when it is a number of things at once. And sure, changing my hair was still a change, but it was a change that I was in control of.

And now, things are fairly even. I have been at my job over a year and have settled in well. I’ve found a choir and adjusted to life beyond Praise Project. I’ve found new relationships with amazing people I can’t imagine life without and rekindled some older relationships as well. And well, motherhood will ALWAYS be a transition, but I’m getting better at rolling with it. So, maybe that’s why I was ready to come back to my old style.


Today, Jan 2017

Or perhaps it’s just that, I hate mornings and anything I can do to get ready faster is good. I’ll never tell. We’ll just go with the wittier, wisdom filled response that makes me sound smart.

6 thoughts on “The “Two Year Hair Experiment”

  1. It’s been fun watching your hair experiment the past 2 years. It’s always good to find a hair style that you love and makes you feel like you! I love your short spiky pixie cut – it really is you!

  2. I am so envious of you because I always wanted a pixie cut but because of my fro, I could never pull it off and/or it would take incredible amounts of upkeep that I do not have time for ūüôĀ Your cut looks great!

  3. I don’t even know what praise project is! Crazy how much can change in 2 years. That’s the last time I donated my hair, and I’ll be donating again sometime in the next 2 months!

  4. I love that we both set out to grow our hair but had very different reactions. Possibly because while our pixies sometimes looked the same, we have very different hair. I loved my short hair because I have very thin, fine limp hair. I wanted to grow out my hair because my pregnancy hair is thick and has body. Thank goodness it hasn’t started falling out yet, or is be itching to cut it short! I will go back short, but I’m still enjoying the hair growth experiment!

  5. I loved reading this, because I’ve been on similar “hair journeys” over the past several years. I tend to get bored with my hair and want to change it a lot, but I always come back to realizing that I HATE taking time to do my hair. I always feel most “me” with short hair too, although for some reason this time I’m feeling nervous to cut it shorter than what I just did (to my shoulders). I know I eventually will though–you just can’t beat a pixie for the busy days of motherhood! I love all the styles you have had, you can really pull all of them off!

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