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Currently in January

Time for the first Currently link up of the year! I’m joining Anne of In Residence and Jessica from An Immeasurable Joy to share what’s currently happening in my world.

Currently I Am…


Gathering – All sorts of old clothes and things for donations. I think it’s something about the start of a new year that brings out the “get rid of all the things” monster, but seriously, Nate said the other night we are going to purge all the things and when he’s actually in a mood to go through crap, we have to do strike while the iron is hot. So everything must go!

Making – Plans, plans and more plans for the year. Well ok, not really that much yet. I have January starting to fill in well. I need to start mapping out my plan for running my 5ks and also find my first volunteer opportunity. And we really seriously need to start making plans for a wedding in Nate’s family in May that will require some travel.

Sipping – Coffee as always. I tried a new drink at my beloved Caribou and was mildly disappointed. They took their cold brew and made it hot – so not the same as cold brew. The other day I ended up taking Ollie to Starbucks (I know, my die hard Caribou lovers are going, gasp!) because he just didn’t want to go to Caribou for anything and it got me thinking, this winter we’re going to bust out of our monotonous routine and try a few new to us coffee shops on the weekends. There are so many we have never tried, it’ll be a fun adventure for us.

FollowingTwin Cities Collective for Bloggers and Creatives – it’s a relatively new local group that’s working to bring bloggers and creatives together for networking and resources. This week they launched a new website and are hosting a fun Instagram challenge. I’ve already made some new connections and it’s pretty awesome!

Resolving – I will say it. I hate resolutions. I never follow through on them. I prefer goals – I might not meet my goals, but it is something that feels attainable to me. I already kind of discussed my goals in my word of the year post the other day, but in short (or in case you missed it) my goals this year are – get back into exercise, run 5ks, do the triathlon again, volunteer my time, read more books and make sure I’m giving my best to the people around me. Seems pretty simple right? Ha!

That’s the latest from my corner of the world. For more Currently posts or to add your own make sure to visit Anne or Jessica’s blogs.

8 thoughts on “Currently in January

  1. I know what you mean about going through clothes and purging! I feel like the new year always makes me want to do that as well! In an effort to help me with the whole “being more comfortable in my body” I’m going through my clothes again and getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit that I’ve been hanging onto for that “just in case” day.

  2. I really love your word of the year and in general I think that is such a cool idea. Your “strike while the iron is hot” comment made me laugh! I know that feeling all too well!

  3. I chose an overall word for the year as I think it suits a lot of things I want to work on this year, but I’m not resolving to meet any certain goal this year. I just want to work TOWARD them as best as I can!


  4. Haha same thing with my husband and cleaning out. The New Year always gets me that decluttering bug too, but this year I was quite pleased that it must have worked on him as well, as he was busy for several hours clearing off his office desk (yay!) on January 2 🙂 And I love your word of the year, and your “goals” approach. I’m hoping to do a triathlon too!

  5. I’ve been on a “get rid of all the things” kick too. Now I just need to actually take the big bin of stuff to Goodwill to donate! Good luck with all your planning and goals. I should probably try to get more exercise this year too!

  6. This is what happens when I get behind on blog commenting: I can’t remember if I commented or if I tweeted with you about something. But the urge to purge is high here too!

  7. I’ve been purging the heck out of our closets as well this month! It feels SO good, too!

    & I’ve tried Caribou coffee quite a few times, but I can’t love it! :(. I was trying to see what all the hype was about. I am a Starbucks lover, though!

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