Dear Santa (2016)

I did this last year too, I thought it would be fun to write a letter to Santa from Ollie’s perspective. So here we go!


Dear Santa,

Hi! It’s Ollie! I know I came to see you a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write you a letter too. Because I was a little shy when I came to see you again kind of like I was last year. I liked getting my picture taken with you though, especially when my mom was nearby! I’m sad to hear you won’t be in the same place next year, but my mommy says we’ll find you in another spot, so I’m not too worried!

I have been a good boy this year. I do have my naughty moments, but it’s hard growing up sometimes. Sometimes I get frustrated and I don’t know how to tell my mommy and daddy what’s wrong. We’re working on using our words and finding ways to communicate though!

I have been going to school this year! It’s fun. We do lots of activities and we sing a lot of songs. My teachers say I am a very polite boy with good manners and good listening skills.

For Christmas I told you I want a red car. I have lots of cars and trucks, but you can never have too many! I think you need to bring my daddy some socks. The other night he was on the couch and I saw he had holes in his socks and I was tickling his feet. I think he needs some new ones! I think you should bring my mommy a new red bag. She had a red bag that I thought was pretty cool and I wanted her to carry it all the time, but she said it doesn’t stay on her shoulder, so I think she needs a different one. Red is my favorite color, so it should be hers too, don’t you think? And I told you last year the kitties need food. They always meow like crazy for their food, so I don’t think they have enough.

When you asked me if I would leave you cookies I know I said no, but I didn’t mean it. I will leave you milk and cookies and I already said I’d leave carrots for the reindeer. I hope you bring Rudolph on Christmas Eve. He’s my favorite.

Merry Christmas! Love, Oliver

4 thoughts on “Dear Santa (2016)

  1. I was cracking up that he said no when Santa asked if he would leave him cookies. Too funny. Ollie, I hope you get your red car and I hope your mommy gets a red bag! And socks for daddy–such an exciting gift ūüôā (I say that, but I bought my husband socks as part of his Christmas gift too!)

  2. Huh, C told me yesterday she was going to leave cookies for Santa… but that he wasn’t allowed to eat them. At least Ollie changed his mind and Santa will get a treat at your house!
    Does USPS do letters to Santa? Canada Post has volunteers that respond to letters to Santa. C got hers yesterday and was thrilled. Oh to be a kid again and see Christmas with such wonder!

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