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Instant Christmas Cheer

As Buddy says in the movie Elf, “the fastest way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” I think Ollie and his classmates win the award for Christmas cheer.

We had Ollie’s first holiday program at his school on Friday night and I’m telling you, even the Grinch wouldn’t have been able to resist these kids. There was a raging snowstorm outside, I knew we’d have shoveling to do, Christmas shopping to finish and baking cookies that needed to be squeezed in, but none of that mattered. The Christmas spirit was alive in that lunchroom!


He was so proud, I loved how excited he got when it was time to get on the risers he was jumping around and dancing. So cute.


They got to use actual bells for Jingle Bells, which was the grand finale. I don’t think he wanted to give his bells back!


And here he is hamming it up with his loving entourage before the program began. He was so happy that all of his grandparents and his auntie came to see him. He was definitely in his element and eating up the attention!

This was definitely one of the highlights of our holiday season so far. It was so fun to see him up there with all the kids and like I said, it gave us a nice dose of Christmas cheer!

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