Reading Challenge Wrap Up and Looking Ahead

Well my 2016 Reading Challenge kind of came to a crashing halt. I think I started out the year with good intentions but lost my momentum somewhere around the summer. But, I did make it through about half of the list, so I guess that is better than nothing!


The last book I just checked off was “A Book You Can Finish in a Day.” I read a hilarious spoof called “The Joy of Leaving Your S*%t All Over the Place” which is parodying Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up. It was a very fast read and honestly made me feel a little better about my scattered, cluttered house and at times, life. I read it right after attempting to read another “self help” type book that I really could not get into and I have to say, if you’re tired of all the “better yourself and your life” books out there, give this one a read. I’m not saying self help books are bad, but I think it’s ok to poke fun at them a little and allow yourself a fun break.

Looking ahead, I think 2017 will be a stronger year of reading for me and that is for one very good reason. I joined a book club! I have wanted to be part of a book club for the longest time, even tried to start one a couple of times but those attempts never went beyond “hey we should start a book club” type discussions. My friend Emily from More Than Just Dessert asked myself and a bunch of MN Blog peeps if we wanted to start up a book club focusing on strong females. I jumped at the opportunity. Emily is the perfect person to put this all together, she’s a college professor so she’s organized and on top of things. We have all of our books chosen through July and I’m super excited about the things we’ll be reading and talking about. And let’s face it, any chance to hang out with like minded women and eat and drink is always a good thing as well! I’ll be sure to report back on the books we read here and share my thoughts!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for following along on my reading challenge this year, even if I didn’t complete it, I’m so glad I gave it a try!

2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Wrap Up and Looking Ahead

  1. Oh man, I’m two books short and there are two weeks left. I can still make it right? I’m guessing reading a book would be a better use of my time when I’m up at night (last night was 3 hours! Imagine how much I could have read!) than browsing the internet. Maybe if I get my sh*t together today I’ll reload my eReader. Pretty sure my library books expired!

  2. I am such a finicky reader, its only what I’m in the mood for. I pre-ordered Lauren Graham’s book, but I tried to start it the other night and was not feeling it. i know I will be eventually though! Can’t wait for a thursday event so I can join book club, I was so jealous of you guys!

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