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#MomStyleRemix – Scarves

It’s time for one last Mom Style Remix with Anne and Jenn – and this month’s choice is perfect for a cold MN winter – scarves! I could share eight billion ways I’ve remixed scarves, I’m only exaggerating a little. I have so many and I actually wear them year round. Today I decided to feature one of my warm ones for winter, a Target favorite I bought a couple of years ago because errrrrbody was wearing plaid blanket scarves. And I don’t know if they’re still in fashion or not but I’ll keep wearing mine, because plaid love forever.


This first picture is one of my favorite combinations, a little pattern mixing that isn’t too crazy, plaid scarf with stripes.


This next one I got a little crazier with the pattern mixing, I paired it with my Star sweater and if you’ll look closely, I also had on leopard print leggings. The colors worked so well with this though. And if my hair looked that good every day I would have kept it that length. I miss it a little, but not the work that was involved in making it look good!


And finally, this look from yesterday is the simplest way to wear it, pair it with a nice color blocked look, similar color tones, but the yellow and green hues kind of stand out nicely against the pinks too.

This scarf is definitely a winter scarf only, it’s made of wool and the plaid just kind of screams winter, but I will definitely get a good run out of it while I can! Do you have a favorite winter scarf? Thanks to Anne and Jenn for all the Mom Style Remix themes this year, it was fun to work my closet a bit!


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