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Glensheen at Christmas

Over the weekend I had a chance to go up to Duluth, MN to take in some of the sites up there for the holidays. We visited Bentleyville and I’ll be sharing more about that in a North Star Unicorn post. The other thing I had a chance to do was visit the Glensheen Mansion on Saturday morning before they opened to the public for the day and it was lovely.

A friend of mine runs MN Community, a group that works to bring people together while highlighting various destinations, events and attracations in MN. On Saturday MN Community partnered with Glensheen for an Instameet. I talked to Jen about going up together and she said “well I don’t know that I want to get on the road at 4:00 in the morning to be there by 7.” She had a good point, so we brainstormed a bit and came up with the idea of going up with our families on Friday to do Bentleyville and kid stuff and then her and I going to the Instameet on Saturday. It worked out perfectly.

Let me tell you, if you’re looking for a classic, traditional, gorgeous Christmas experience, look no further than Glensheen. EVERY room has at least one Christmas tree, even the old servants quarters. There are adorable Elves hidden and scattered throughout the house. The other decor is festive and lovely as well. I especially loved Clara Congdon’s collection of Nativity sets. Each room also had a little description of how the holidays were celebrated or what each family member maybe was doing around Christmas time. It was really neat to be able to just walk through and take pictures and explore. I’ll let the pictures speak a bit more than my words.


Jen and I with Rachel from MN Community


There’s even a Christmas tree in the kitchen!


A little Peek A Boo Elf


I don’t mean to brag, but I think this shot could be a Christmas card!


This is my favorite room at Glensheen, the sun makes it glow.


Tree in the Master Bedroom.

It was wonderful and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit a bit more. If you’re in MN and planning to go up to Duluth for Bentleyville yet this year I highly recommend swinging up to the Glensheen Mansion!


Glensheen at Christmas

Now through January 8, 2017

Daily Tours from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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