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Secondhands Fashion Box 2

I saw that Secondhands Fashion was having an amazing Black Friday deal – if you signed up for a shipment, you would recieve SIX items instead of just five and your choice of a coffee gift card or free accessory. Because i had some birthday money I decided to schedule a box. It arrived yesterday and I think Amanda did a pretty good job this time – she’s starting to learn my style. I asked for items that I could wear with leggings and she definitely delivered. Here’s a look at what I received and what I think I’m going to keep this time. The pictures are slightly better than last time – though it was the end of the day, so excuse the lack of makeup, lol.

Xhilaration White Shear Crochet Front Tee – Size S – $19.00


I actually like this top, at first I was thinking I wouldn’t like it, but I also don’t have a lot of white shirts I actually like. I would have to wear something over this right now for winter, but it is longer in the back as I requested, so I could wear it with leggings and I think it’s a fun layering piece. VERDICT – KEEP (I think)

Calvin Klein Tan Sweater Dress – Size S – $25.00


I was so excited about this one. The fit is great, the color will go with everything and I adore sweater dresses in the winter! They’re so comfy! This one will go with pretty much any pair of my Lularoe leggings. So this is an easy decision. VERDICT – KEEP

French Connection Black Empire Waist Tee -Size S – $15.00


I really wanted to like this top and seeing the picture it looks ok on me, but I’m not a fan of the “off shoulder” style shirt and the middle is just a little tight. I also don’t think I could wear something over it if I was cold, so I don’t think it would make a lot of sense to wear right now. VERDICT – RETURN

She Laughs Boutique Chambray Button Up – Size S – $32.00


As you can see in the picture this shirt is laughably too small. It’s totally for the best as I have two chambray shirts already,  though this one is darker than the ones I have so if it fit I might have considered keeping it. It also has pockets which is kind of fun. It’s definitely nice and long, but since I could barely button it, it just has to go back. Darn my wide hips I guess! VERDICT – RETURN

Boutique Kari Cardigan – Size S – $42.00


So you’re probably scratching your head going, why is this item so expensive if it’s secondhand? It’s not secondhand, it’s from the boutique, so it’s brand new. But it is sooooo warm and cozy and long and I love it. I think I’m likely keeping it even though Nate told me it looks a little big on me. I like that it’s a little oversized, it’s like wrapping up in a blanket. VERDICT – KEEP (pretty sure)

True Rock Multicolor Printed Leggings – Size S – $17.00

I didn’t get a picture of these. Oops! I didn’t even try them on though, I took one look and pretty much said no. I love myself some printed and colorful leggings, but these were a little over the top even for me. They also felt a bit baggier than regular leggings and I feared they would be too much like pajama bottoms instead of leggings. VERDICT – RETURN

If I kept all six items and took the 20% discount it would only be $100 which is a great value, but I just can’t make a couple of the items work. Overall I really loved this shipment, great variety and again, many items suited to my style. I’ll probably schedule another one closer to spring.

What do you think of my box this time? Am I making the right choices?

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