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Gilmore Girls Revival Thoughts


I just finished the Gilmore Girls revival and I need to process a bit, so I’m blogging about it. I know that errrrrbody is blogging about it and you probably don’t care about my opinion, but I’m going to give it anyway! And I’m probably one of the last people to finish the four episodes, but in case I’m not, spoiler alerts below.

I discovered the original series a little later in the game. It had been on the air a few years already and ABC Family started airing reruns in the afternoons. I was working at the church then and had non-traditional work hours so I was home when it was on and decided to start watching it from the beginning. I was hooked almost right away. I loved the witty banter, the colorful characters, the charm of Stars Hollow. It took me a few months to catch up on the entire series and then I started watching the new episodes around season six. Told you it was pretty late into the game. And like many, I wasn’t thrilled with the direction things went in the last season, but I didn’t hate the way the series ended. I was satisfied by the series finale. Of course I wanted more, but if that’s where things were left, I was OK with it. And then the revival was announced. And I saw the trailer online. And my heart started racing with excitement. There was so much more of the story to tell!

The characters are exactly as we remember them, fast talking as always. Lorelai and Rory are both at a bit of a crossroads in their lives and each go through a journey to find themselves throughout the year that the episodes take place. Emily, Lorelai’s mother, also goes through a bit of a journey as well as she learns to live life without her husband of 50 years, Richard. I felt they did a wonderful job with honoring the character’s memory (the actor who played him in the original series passed away last year I believe). I loved how they brought in just about every person who was a part of the Gilmore’s lives over the years as well. From Paris to Lane to Michel to Jess to Dean and finally to Sookie. Everyone was there and they were all as we remember and loved them.

I loved the last episode, Fall, the best. I have heard complaints that in that episode it is almost more than halfway through before we get any interaction between Lorelai and Rory – well, there’s good reason for that. They were feuding at the end of the Summer episode. And it’s also at the beginning of Fall that they each kind of get to the pivotal place of finding themselves and what’s next for each of them – Lorelai marrying Luke and Rory sitting down to write her book. So for me, I was ok that their story lines didn’t really come together immediately. And as for the final four words – I think it’s kind of a full circle type situation. Rory will raise her child with her mother’s support and I could see her ending up with Jess in the end somehow. I’ve seen some things floating around the internet about how Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke. That might be how it’s meant to go.

Finally I want to address a little something about Rory specifically. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about her in the revival. I will agree I don’t love everything about where she is in her life – having an affair with Logan when he’s engaged to someone else, yeah, not cool. But, she made questionable decisions in the original series as well. And yes, she’s in her 30s and maybe shouldn’t be floundering so much, but everyone goes through those types of life crisis’ at various points. I’m going to cut her some slack. Truth be told, she’s not my favorite Gilmore anyway. While I’m closer in age to her, I always was a Lorelai. I might not be quite as crazy and scattered as Lorelai, but I have always felt more of a connection to her. Heck if I won the lottery, I’d love to open my own B&B while Nate runs a diner (well ok it’d probably be a brewpub in our case) just down the street. I love her fashion sense, I love her heart and I’ll be the first to admit sometimes I speak my mind before I think (see the Winter episode for what I’m talking about here). So while I’m defending Rory, I kind of don’t care as much about her. I don’t know that I’d be friends with Rory. I’d definitely be friends with Lorelai!

Anyway, I loved the whole revival and if this is all we get, much like when the original series ended, I’d be ok with that. If we get more, I’d love to see how they explore the next steps, but it feels finished enough for me. I can imagine that Lorelai and Luke live happily ever after, support Rory as she has her child and as I said above, maybe someday she’ll find her way back to Jess and everyone will live happily ever after. Until they show us otherwise, that’s where it goes in my mind! (Side note, I hated Jess initially in the original series, until he got his act together and when he got in Rory’s head and convinced her to go back to Yale, he won my heart. Team Jess forever.)

Did you watch the revival? What did you think?

4 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Revival Thoughts

  1. I was even later to the Gilmore Girls group! I watched it about one and half years ago when it was on Netflix and loved it from the very first episode I watched! I really loved the revival and thought it was good! I personally would LOVE more episodes, as I feel like…WHAT? I still haven’t come to the spot where I would be okay with how it ends, however, after reading your thoughts on what could possibly happen with your thoughts, I’m okay with that and if we don’t get anymore episodes, I would be okay then.

  2. I *am* very interested in your opinion and appreciate the effort you spent to give it here.

    I discovered GG when the first episode was broadcast and got instantly hooked. For years, I raved about it to friends and nobody listened. Only when the show got syndicated did people catch on. So, like you, I had big expectations about the continuation of the series. (I haven’t seen the revival yet, but will when it comes to DVD.)

  3. Well you know my thoughts on Rory…if anything I’m Emily for favorite Gilmore Girl, and Richard for favorite Gilmore over all…or maybe Gram the original Lorelei, she was pretty great, and made for some really great Emily scenes!

  4. Um yes a million times on the Logan/Christopher Rory/Lorelei angle. Though I was a little disappointed that they had the parallel drawn in such a way that it actually made 18 year old teenage Lorelei seem more strong and independent than 32 year old Rory. Is 32 really the new 18? Dear god I hope not. 18 wasn’t worth re-living (though if it is, I have mere weeks left to be the new 18. Totally possible with a new baby and a toddler, right?!?). I found Rory to be generally disappointing. In her 20s, yes,some of her behaviours make sense but you and I both found that our 30s brought wisdom and understanding that she seems years away from. Maybe we were just ahead of the curve.
    Lorelei certainly was much more relatable. I am, however, mad we didn’t get to see the wedding dress.
    Mixed feelings about Paris. She showed no development nor growth in her character. Confident in her career, clueless in her personal life. Petty, even. And for that reason I’m not surprised her personal life is failing.

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