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Birthday Happenings

I had a chance to do a little early birthday celebrating this weekend even though my birthday isn’t until Friday. I say you should celebrate all week or even all month, right? But anyway, on Saturday Nate and I had our own early birthday celebration and on Sunday I had a birthday celebration with my best ladies.

On Saturday Nate and I went to this cute little theatre called Plymouth Playhouse and saw their Christmas show – The Church Basement Ladies present Away in the Basement. It takes place in a Lutheran church basement in 1959 as the “church basement ladies” help prepare for the Children’s annual Christmas pageant. The characters are fun, there is a lot of music and what I appreciated was the songs weren’t traditional Christmas carols, so we weren’t walking away with an earworm stuck in our heads. My favorite line was when they were talking about how to get more people to come to their Lutefisk dinner and they said “if we served beer, we’d even get the Catholics!” (I’m Catholic and I love beer – I probably laughed louder than anyone in the place!) Anyway, the show ran about two hours with an intermission, there wasn’t a bad seat in the place and while I think we might have been the youngest people in attendance, I really enjoyed it!


After the play we had reservations for dinner at a newish restaurant not far from the theatre called 6Smith. It’s a steak and seafood house. We enjoyed steak, brussel sprouts and this bacon and bourbon thing for an appetizer that was amazing. And of course we split a bottle of wine. Then we picked up some dessert to bring home, picked up Ollie from his grandparents and after he went to bed we ate our dessert and enjoyed our traditional birthday scotch. It was a nice day and was nice being out together. We love our little boy, but grown up time is always a good thing!


Sunday I met some of my favorite ladies at one of my favorite breweries in the area right now – Bad Weather Brewing in St. Paul. I brought us donuts because I’m a grown ass woman who can do whatever she wants and what she wanted was donuts and beer. Breakfast of champions. But seriously, I’m so blessed with amazing friends. And they all know me so well, I got a fox mug, a MN necklace, earrings made from beer cans and a Leslie Knope for President mug as gifts. My tribe is just the best. My heart is so happy.


So begins our birthday week. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and then having my actual birthday off of work since we are closed on Friday. I have big plans to do a little shopping with my mom in the morning and then when Ollie takes a nap – GILMORE GIRLS! Happy birthday to me indeed.

Be sure to swing back on Wednesday – I’ll be sharing our family pictures on the blog, we got them back yesterday and once again Erin pretty much outdid herself. I can’t pick a favorite!

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  1. Happy early birthday Beth! This sounds like a wonderful weekend, from your date night to donuts and beer. Can’t beat a breakfast like that!! Enjoy celebrating all week long 🙂

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