Brain Dump

It’s happening again. Writer’s Block. I hate when this happens. I know I could just opt to not post anything, but I still feel like writing even though I’m not quite sure what TO write. So today I am just going with a stream of consciousness post, some random thoughts, basically, a brain dump.

On the Election:

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since the election already. A very LONG week. I’ve been through the stages of grief and while I will never accept this outcome, I’m ready to be pro-active. I’m feeling compelled to do more to give back, spread love and kindness. My sister-in-law and I found a 5k to run on Thanksgiving that is about more than just running for your dinner. It’s a big food drive that benefits folks in a local county and all the proceeds are going to help that cause as well. I’ve also joined several Facebook groups that are working on advocacy and action in light of the recent events and I look forward to the different ways we’re going to better our communities. I’m already looking ahead to my word of 2017 and I’m pretty excited about it. One of my favorite quotes from Ghandi – Be the change you want to see in the world.

On the homefront:

In lighter news, we’ve been in serious re-organization mode at home and it’s making me feel good. We’ve been trying to emulate some of the Montessori classroom set up at home for Ollie. One of the biggest things we’ve done is set up a set of shelves in his room where we have set up his toys, blocks, etc – it allows him to see things more easily and we’ve eliminated at least two toys boxes. We’re finding he’s good at putting things away now as well and he’s playing with more of his toys because he can simply FIND them.

On Thanksgiving:

I’ve been doing a 30 Days of Thankfulness challenge on Facebook. Every day I post a picture of what I’m thankful for that day. I’ve always said I feel bad for Thanksgiving getting sandwiched between two big popular holidays, so I support it wherever I can. It’s actually one of my favorite holidays. The Thankfulness challenge has really been a God send this month when things have been so negative in the world around us. It reminds me of the 100 Happy Days challenge I did in 2015 and I’m thinking I might start another round of that when November is over. Also related to Thanksgiving, we are hosting my in-laws this year and I’m super excited, I’m such a Monica and I love hosting things, I’m looking for some fun Thanksgiving decor for my table. I’m a geek.

On Birthdays:

The other thing I love about November is birthdays. I was sad because Nate and I have been going to the Hunger Games movies for the last several years in a nice kind of fancy movie theatre as a birthday treat and well, there is no Hunger Games this year (maybe that’s a good thing, it might be a bit too real this year). We decided instead of a movie to go to a play, so this weekend we’re seeing a fun holiday show and going to dinner at a new to us restaurant. We do this instead of exchanging gifts, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Time together is the best gift in my opinion!

So there you have it. Kind of the current happenings and what’s been going on in my brain. Maybe not the most exciting post ever, but sometimes it’s fun to just write out what’s on my mind. And hopefully my true writer’s block will disappear soon!

2 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. My issue these days is FINISHING a post. By the time I get back to it, I’m like “did I have a point to this? If I did, it’s totally lost now!” Maybe it’s a sign that I should be stepping away from posts more often before reviewing, revising and posting.

    I would love to re-organize our space. It’s on my list for a year. Post about it in more detail sometime so I stay inspired!

  2. I liked your “brain dump” –it’s fun to see what’s on your mind! I hear you on the election thoughts, and I love your attitude going forward, that’s what I need to do as well. I love Thanksgiving too, although I can’t believe it’s already next week. Life is a big blur right now, ha! I hope you have a great time hosting!

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