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Weekend Happenings

Well last week was a doozy wasn’t it? I don’t think any of us were truly prepared for the election results and aftermath. After all that, a three day weekend was just what the doctor ordered. We made the most of each day.

Friday we had our first conference at Ollie’s school. We learned he is doing quite well and I was so proud to hear he is one of the best singers in his class. After his conference we picked him up and took him disc golfling since the weather was still amazing outside. Then we had lunch out at a favorite restaurant. In the evening we were super lazy and made nachos for dinner and watched one of my all time favorite movies, The Muppets.

Saturday I had a girls day. Since Jen and I both have birthdays in November we have started taking a weekend in the middle of each of ours to celebrate an “In Between Birthday Weekend.” This year we signed up for a holiday planting workshop at a local nursery and it was so fun! One of Jen’s friends who by extension has become my friend too, joined us for some planting fun. It was a great deal, $40 got you a plant, six extra green stems to add and $17 worth of decorations to add to it.  I have a few pictures of my plant – it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!


Here it is before I added all the decorations. And yes, that is a glass of wine in the bottom corner, they had wine, beer and snacks!


Here’s my finished product!  I decided to go with kind of a gold and white theme and I think it looks great next to my blue/gray house.


Stolen from Jen – all three of us next to our pretty plants. Both of theirs turned out really lovely too. I will definitely do this workshop again next year!

After we were done with our green thumbs, Jen and I headed to the Mall of America where she introduced me to Shake Shack for lunch – you guys. I am dreaming of that burger. YUM. Then we headed to the temporary Prince exhibit that they have set up right now. There isn’t much to see, but they did have a few costumes and other items on loan from Paisley Park. It’s amazing to see the costumes he wore up close – he was such a tiny guy!


We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the exhibit, but I had to get one next to the symbol since I wore my Prince shirt and my purple! I’m looking forward to hopefully going to Paisley Park later this month, but this was pretty neat for now.

Saturday evening I was back with my boys and we made a nice spaghetti dinner at home and then I convinced Nate to watch Bad Moms since you can stream it now. He actually enjoyed it, so bonus!

Sunday we spent a little bit of time at the Children’s Museum because they’ll be closing soon for renovation, so we wanted to get over there before they did. And then while Ollie napped we got a bunch of yard work done, basically got our yard winter ready. Though you wouldn’t believe winter was coming based on the weather yesterday!


The entire weekend was just really needed after last week. I stepped away from social media a bit and that was helpful too I think. I don’t know what the future holds, but all I know is I’ll keep doing my part to do the right thing and to spread love and kindness. That’s all we can do. Onward.


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  1. Agreed! I really needed the weekend to re-energize. I didn’t really do much and as always a longer weekend would have been nice, but it really did help. That sounds like such a fun little workshop! I love plants, but I am horrible at caring for them. But a Christmas tree–I can do!

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