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Currently – Oliver Edition

It’s been a long time since I’ve let Ollie take over the blog, so he’s here with a Currently post today. The prompts from this month didn’t really fit for an almost 3 year old, so we’ll go with some from September and a couple from October. Take it away buddy!

Hi! Ollie here! I’ve been so busy, I go to school now. It’s so fun. My teachers teach us about the planets and the alphabet and we sing every day. I love the music! Mommy said I should tell you what I’m currently doing.


Reading – Where the Sidewalk Ends. My Daddy reads me some of the different poems in this book at bedtime every night and I love it! My favorites are The Yippieyuk, Him and Me, and Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too. The words are just so silly!

Trying – To get this potty business figured out. Sometimes I am not very good at telling someone I have to go and I still use my Pullup instead. It’s just so much easier and then someone gives me a fresh one. Why should I take the time to go on the potty?

Hoping – That my Daddy gets my Halloween costume finished up so I can wear it for lots of Halloween fun this weekend! I’m going to be Marshall from Paw Patrol. He’s my favorite. I was almost going to be Rocky though, cause he has a garbage truck and I like garbage trucks!


Cheers-ing – I love doing cheers with my milk cup with Mommy and Daddy at the dinner table! I am cheers-ing to Fall. I see why Mommy loves it so much, it’s so pretty and so fun to be outside!

Listening – My new jam is Polly Wally Doodle. It plays on my toy music player and I love it. I still love my Wheels on the Bus too. And I’ll rock the ABC’s at karaoke any day of the week!


It was fun to tell you what I’m doing! Mommy says I should tell you to go to my Internet buddy Jona’s Mommy’s blog today too because we’re over there as guests telling you all about our favorite cookies to bake together! So go over to Shea Lennon when you’re done here so you can read all about it! See you next time!

3 thoughts on “Currently – Oliver Edition

  1. Reilly loves the ABCs and when he gets to the part “now I know my ABC . . . DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ” . . . it loops forever. How fun that you guys are making his costume! Potty training is SUCH a hard time. But I promise–eventually it will happen! I haven’t had a kindergartner in diapers yet! And Ollie being in school will totally help with that.

  2. Hi Ollie! I’m so glad you’re loving fall and school! We gave up on trying to potty train Jona but I’m hoping to try again before he starts preschool in January. Ugh…that struggle is real. Thanks again for guest posting on my blog today!!

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