7 Quick Takes Beth

7 Quick Takes

I found a new link up to join up with from a friend’s blog, so welcome to the first installment of 7 Quick Takes (SQT with the blog This Ain’t The Lyceum). It’s just a list of seven things. And I’m a list lover. So, here we go, this week I’m going with a Fall theme.


  1. I said this on Twitter a few weeks back. I’m not your basic blogger because….gasp….I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Oh nos. Can we still be friends? Pumpkin bread? YAS. Pumpkin spice beer? Hell yes. But pumpkin IN coffee? I can’t do it.
  2. Halloween is actually not one of my favorite holidays, but now that I have a child I’m loving it more again.
  3. Speaking of said child, he’s going to be Marshall from Paw Patrol for Halloween this year. No surprise on that really. We decided to make his costume and try and do it similar to his puppy costume from last year. Have we started on it yet? Nope. I have a feeling this will be a last minute project much like last year!
  4. I’m doing a 5k tomorrow that is themed around Hot Cider. And we get hoodies. Cider plus a hoodie. Could that be more Fall?
  5. Speaking of cider, do you know what is super delicious? Hot cider with a little bit of rum. I learned this thanks to the Wild Ruffle shopping event last week and I want to drink it all the time. I swear I’m not an alcoholic. It’s just so tasty.
  6. The only thing that I despise about this time of year is the election. And I’m not even talking just the Presidential election. Our local ads are SO annoying and I’m over them.
  7. The Fall color here in MN has been glorious. And this is why we live here.


And there you have it. Head over to This Ain’t the Lyceum for more quick takes from other bloggers!

3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. These are great facts and yes we can still be friends because I refuse to even try a PSL because I am so sick of hearing how great they are. Hmpfh. *crosses arms* I can’t wait to see Ollie’s costume! Good luck on your marathon! I love cider. I can’t wait to have some in 9 days (when my Whole 30 is over).

  2. Hmmm.. that sounds like a good link up. I’ve been looking for more good link ups!

    For the record PSL can be very hit or miss depending on the shop and your opinion on coffee itself. As someone who likes coffee flavoured sugar, it needs to be a good pumpkin spice syrup. I can completely understand someone who like the actual taste of coffee to despise them.

    Happy running!

  3. I’m with you on 1 and 2–I’m just not a pumpkin fan in general, and Halloween isn’t my favorite either. Although I agree, kids do make it more fun! And yes, I’m SO sick of all the local election ads here too–I’ve been just muting them lately.

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