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Fall is a very transitional time of year. The leaves start to turn and fall away. The weather starts to turn towards cooler temperatures, getting our bodies acclimated to the chillier air to come. It’s the bridge from summer to winter. I miss those long summer days, but I’m excited for snuggly winter nights and holidays.

Somehow this Fall has equaled a lot of transitions for our family too. Ollie started school.  He’s still potty training but has made a lot of progress. He’s starting to sit in a regular chair at the dinner table. And this week we added one of the biggest transitions of all. We turned his crib into a bed.

I have felt he was ready for this change for quite awhile. He’s been sleeping in a bed for naps at my parents house since this spring when he outgrew his Pack and Play. But at home, he has never tried to climb out of the crib and we really liked knowing he had no way of getting out of bed at night without needing one of us. Lately though, with all these other big boy things and the independence he’s starting to show from being in school, we felt it was time. The straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak (this pun will make sense in a moment) was Nate tweaking his back over the weekend and realizing he really couldn’t lift him out of the crib.

So, on Monday we turned the crib into a bed. We have often done things without much preparation when it comes to parenting.  We had talked about waiting until a weekend in case things didn’t go well, but in the end, we just went for it. And it actually went better than I imagined.

Ollie was super excited, he loves that he can sit on the edge of his bed now if he wants. When it was bedtime he pretty much just laid down and didn’t even try to get out. He’s slept well both nights so far. I know, parenting rule number one, when something is going well, don’t say it out loud – but I seriously think it was the right time to do this.

It is a little bittersweet knowing it’s one more thing that makes him less of a baby, but it’s exciting at the same time seeing how much he’s growing up. Transitions are like that – sad for what’s left behind, but excited for what’s to come. Summer to winter. Baby to boy.


10 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. I love the transition from summer to winter, because honestly fall is one of my favorite seasons. I’m glad for the other transitions in your life with your little guy! He’s getting so big, but with that comes a ton of new milestones you will all hit together.

  2. I remember my babies transitioning from cribs to beds. It was so bittersweet. The independence was needed, but I admit, I wanted to hold on a little longer.

  3. What an exciting time! I feel like fall is an awesome time to start fresh. I love his facial expression in your last picture – so cute!

  4. I remember that being a huge thing for my kids. The three older ones, it was a huge transition. But we moved Reilly to a bed several months ago with no issue! It really is such a cool but hard transition to go through. I love fall except for the fact that winter follows it. It really does offer a bunch of changes doesn’t it?

  5. Aww, way to go Ollie! I’m so happy for you that it’s been such a smooth transition. I hope it continues to go that way–sending good thoughts for sure! Jona had a bit of a tough time transitioning, but we may have rushed it a little (but I was getting to pregnant to lift him in and out of the crib!). But if you have any trouble with early waking I recommend the Okay to Wake stuffed owl–it’s been a lifesaver for us 🙂

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