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Five on Friday

It’s been a long week in which I have had to work the early shift three out of the five days this week at my job, so my brain is a bit mush. That means today you get a bullet style post, yayyyy! *Insert Kermit the Frog waving arms here.* Here are five things I’m finding fabulous right now, because I know you’re dying to know.

img_11931.Caribou Coffee’s Refillable Pink Mug – This mug has been my savior this week that I’ve been working the early shift. Every October Caribou Coffee supports Breast Cancer Awareness month as one of their original coffee masters passed away from the disease. They have a special blend in her honor and then they offer a mug for purchase – if you buy the mug, you can get free refills of their coffee of the day all month long. It was a no brainer for me – support a good cause, get an awesome pink mug and get free coffee, especially knowing I’d be filling in at the early shift this month? Heck yes.


2. New Goodies from Ladies Night Out – I had the opportunity to co-host Ladies Night Out with MN Community at the Wild Ruffle shop in Prior Lake last night. I had a blast and naturally spent a little money. I got a super cute sweatshirt from Wild Ruffle with a saying about coffee, some fun unicorn socks from a shop called The Vintage Gypsy, headbands from another great local shop called Urban Halo and the best part of the night – we ventured into another little shop called Lovefeast and they had some copies of a book I’ve been wanting on their counter called Running Home by Alisha Perkins who happens to be married to Glen Perkins, a Minnesota Twins player. I’m telling my mom and friends that I have been wanting to read her book and the shop owner says “oh well she’s here!”and points to the back of the store. I got fan girly immediately, bought a book and got it signed and my day was just made. She was the sweetest person. A book review will be forthcoming, I’m already several chapters in and in love.


3. Green Bean Casserole – No we didn’t move to Canada, but we did have Green Bean Casserole on Canadian Thanksgiving.  Our CSA has wrapped up for the year, but we had a TON of green beans. What do you do when you have a ton of green beans? You make your fantastic homemade green bean casserole and roast a ham as well. Seriously, these green beans.  Nate makes this homemade beschemel (Lord knows if I spelled that right) sauce that is to die for. Are these healthy? Hell no, but we’ll just say they are because the green beans are in there. I promise.


4. This Is Us – Raise your hand if you’re watching. If you’re not, go to and catch up on the first three episodes right now, especially if you loved Parenthood. You won’t regret it. This show isn’t Nate’s cup of tea (I seriously burned him out on Parenthood I think) so I’m having to find time to watch it on my own, but it’s so good I’m making the time. I even downloaded the NBC app on my phone and have taken to streaming it in bed with headphones on before going to sleep. It’s soooooo good.


5. This Kid – I know, I know, don’t I always say something about Ollie? But I just can’t help it. He’s starting to do pretty well with school. His teachers say he likes the music a lot and he’s starting to loosen up and have fun. We got to do a parent experience the other night where we got to walk around his classroom and learn about the activities that they do. It was really neat to see the various things they use. He’s starting to talk about some of the other kids at home too which is very cool. And he continues to make us chuckle just about every day with some of the things he comes up with. He’s just my favorite. Hands down.

So there you have it, a few of my favorite things this week. Also I wanted to mention, I made the very difficult decision to not attend the Minnesota Blogger Conference this coming weekend. I’ve been running on fumes lately and not getting enough time with my boys, so while I think it would be beneficial for my blog and it would be great to meet other local bloggers, timing just made it that I need to sit it out this year. I need a little family time and a little me time. Any of my local friends reading who are attending tomorrow, please have fun and report back to me anything you think is informative and hopefully I’ll see you all soon at another event!

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Good call on bowing out of obligations for the weekend for family time. We are skipping a family gathering to rest and recuperate from a cold (ok, Scott has some nasty yard work to do but me and my girl will spend the weekend in pjs and blanket forts).

  2. your dinner looks amazing, I could go for some of that goodness! and I really wish I had been able to go to the wild ruffle event, how fun!!!

  3. These all sound like great things! How fun to co-host that event, and it looks like you picked up lots of fun goodies! Also, how cute is Ollie on that big kid bike! Poor Jona still hasn’t ridden his Big Wheel trike he got for his b-day because his feet don’t reach the pedals… #shortkidprobs Glad to hear school is going well. I’m already getting nervous for Jona to start in January. I know it will be a big transition.

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