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Secondhands Fashion Review

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I’m so pumped to share this review with you guys today! I received my first Secondhands Fashion box and I’m already in love! In case you missed it, I talked about it in this month’s Currently post. It’s a subscription clothing box that is very much like Stitch Fix but it is all items that were bought on thrift or consignment! I do love Stitch Fix and this is not a dig at them at all, but thrifted or consigned goodies at a cheaper price? Sign me up! Also, I do still love the thrill of going thrifting and hunting for goodies, but my time is limited to do so, so having someone else do the work is pretty exciting. Finally, the gal that started Secondhands Fashion is a MN gal who also happened to graduate from the same college as myself, so I had to help a fellow Katie out. Anyway, enough chatter, let’s get the details and then on to the goods!


Secondhands Fashion is modeled after Stitch Fix or similar subscription services. You pay a $25.00 styling fee that is then used towards anything you purchase. You fill out a style profile and send any information that will be helpful for the stylist. Then you wait for your box of goodies. There are five items in the box. It took about three weeks for my first shipment but it was worth the wait. Now let’s look at what I received. I’m almost embarrassed to share my photos, Nate took them in our basement for me while Ollie was watching some Paw Patrol and they didn’t turn out the greatest because the lighting down there is awful – I’ll do better next time, I haven’t done a style post in awhile, I guess I’m out of practice!

Blu Pepper Crochet Front Knit Top, $39.00 – This top is SO cute. The pictures definitely aren’t doing it justice. And it had original tags on it still. It was the most expensive item in the box because of that, but I have no problem with her price when I saw what it would have cost new. It looks great and the button detailing on the back is too fun. Verdict – KEPT!


Gap Dark Wash Denim Skinny, $27.50 – Yes, yes, YES. It’s hard enough finding jeans that fit. Finding jeans that fit that are pretty much dressy enough I can wear to work? No brainer. These fit wonderful and bonus – look great with the crochet top. Verdict – KEPT!

Banana Republic Red Sleeveless Blouse, $24.00 – She sent me this because she knew that I liked color from my profile. I really do like the color of this, but I wasn’t crazy about the fit or material. Also I’m not as likely to wear tank tops into the winter even if I wear something over it. Verdict – RETURN.


Merona Navy Tie Waist Dress, $17.00 – I wasn’t too excited about this one. I’m getting pretty attached to my Lularoe dresses and as a result I’m getting pickier about dresses in general. I gave this one a fair try, but the fit was not quite right. Verdict – RETURN.


Merona Jean Jacket, $24.00 – I really did like this, but since I have a jean jacket I love and again, this felt a little too big, decided not to keep it. If I could have adjusted it I would have kept it, but there was no option for that.  And this picture is the worst, sorry. Verdict – RETURN.


Finally, my sweet stylist included a necklace that I got to keep regardless of what I did/didn’t purchase just because I signed up on a day that she was running a giveaway. How awesome is that? I love this necklace, it’s just my style and will go with everything!


Just like Stitch Fix, if I had kept the entire box I would have received a 20% discount, so that brought the total to $85.20 for the entire box. Under $100 – not bad at all! I am definitely going to be signing up for another box and I look forward to getting to know my stylist more and seeing what she chooses next time!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my outfit that I kept, I received a lot of compliments on it yesterday! Also, if you want to check out Secondhands Fashion for yourself I’d love it if you used the promo code FRIENDS and my name (Beth Kondrick) at check out, full disclaimer I will receive $5.00  off my next shipment if you do.


8 thoughts on “Secondhands Fashion Review

  1. This is the coolest idea! I never wanted to try Stitch Fix because I think it’s waaayyy too expensive. My thrift-loving self can totally get on board with this! Definitely going to check this out.

  2. Hi Beth! I have been wanting to try Stitch Fix but just can’t get myself to pay the price. This sounds like a way better option for me! I may have to give Secondhands Fashion a try very soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  3. This is awesome!! I’ve been wanting to do Stitch Fix again but didn’t want to pay the prices, so I’ll have to check this out. Hurray for receiving nice pieces that you wanted to keep!

  4. This sounds like such an awesome concept! I love Stitch Fix but their prices are so high. I love the idea of getting a personalized box that’s thrifted, and you got some good stuff! I love the jeans you kept especially–it’s so hard to find good ones that fit!

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