Well. This hasn’t happened to me in quite some time.  I’m suffering a bout of writers block. I suppose the fact that we’ve been living through Headcold Hell has something to do with that a little bit, not too much has been going on and we’ve been mostly hunkered down at home. And because we haven’t been doing anything then that leaves me with no adventures to really write about. So here we are.

Thankfully I’m starting to come out of the Headcold Haze. And I have a getaway this weekend to hopefully recharge my batteries and get my writing juices flowing again. This blog is another one of my babies, so I’m not giving it up! I refuse to let a little minor writers block take me down!

I did write a thing over on North Star Unicorn about survival tips for when mom gets sick seeing as I am a bit of an expert now. You can check it out over here if you’re so inclined.

I could share a few random thoughts before I go…

I watched the Emmys for about a half hour on Sunday before I gave up due to A. not really knowing anything about any of the winners and B. cruddy reception on our TV. Since we don’t have cable we use an antenna to get the local channels and ABC was coming in kind of choppy. Kind of funny to have that issue in 2016, but we never really watch regular TV. We’re streamers.

Our annual Oktoberfest is in a couple of weeks and my house looks like a bomb went off. When mom is sick and dad is out of town it seems the cleaning fairy also takes a vacation. Everything will come together though. It always does.

I haven’t downloaded games for my phone in ages because I haven’t had enough free space cause I have way too many pictures of my kiddo, but sorry not sorry, he’s only little once. I found a way to backup some of my photos and freed some space and then promptly downloaded Disney Emoji Blitz because I am five. But I don’t care. I am HOOKED.

Next week will be my one year anniversary at my current job. And I have never seen a year go by so fast. I’ll have more thoughts on this next week. Because I always have to reflect on milestones. It’s my thing.

Ok there. I guess I did have a few little things to share. No pictures though. Blogging sin! Never post without pictures! Well here, I’ll right that wrong. Here’s a picture of my boys being cute together on the couch. They have my whole heart between them.


I’ll be back next week with more interesting things to say and hopefully a little less sarcasm and snark. Although if you like that kind of thing, maybe I’ll keep it up.

4 thoughts on “Rambles

  1. I hope you’re all feeling better now! Being sick is the worst, especially now–the world doesn’t stop so everything just gets harder! I can’t keep up with our house either–it seems to get dirty as soon as I clean it, and the clutter battle is never won! Geez. Happy anniversary at your job though, that’s awesome!

  2. i’m so bummed i’ll be out of town the day of your party! Next year for sure!!! I was super cranky today, but once i got home and had some alone time for about 2 hours it got better. i wish i had others in my life (man or kiddo) but someday I’ll dream of the alone time….right?

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