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Book Review – It’s Ok to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too


Well, I’m more than halfway through the year and not quite halfway through my 2016 Reading Challenge, but I have crossed another book off my list at the very least – a book published this year.

As I have previously mentioned, I just read It’s Ok To Laugh, Crying Is Cool Too by Nora McInerny Purmort.  Nora is a fellow Minnesotan and she has been through some STUFF. Ok, let’s not even put it that lightly. I will use her words. She’s been through some SHIT. She lost her father, her husband and miscarried her second child all within weeks of each other. She sat by and watched the man she loved slip away to brain cancer while working full time and taking care of their firstborn child. She documented everything on a blog called My Husband’s Tumor. And now she has written a memoir.

Nora’s writing will suck you in from the first moment. She is REAL. She is honest. This memoir is not an autobiography. It is not a chronological telling of how she met, fell in love with and eventually lost her husband Aaron. It’s merely snippets of various points of her life, both before, during and after her life with Aaron. She shares what she has learned along the way but is very honest that she still doesn’t have the answers.

Reading this book you’ll feel like you’re sitting down and having coffee with her or maybe even like you’re out getting drunk on cocktails with her. You’ll want to hug her, you’ll want to get up and do karaoke with her, you’ll want to hold her hand, you’ll want to laugh until your stomach hurts.

There are many things that she and I do not have in common.  She speaks at length about how she spent her immediate post college years in New York and that would never be my cup of tea. But there are many other things she writes that I found myself going ” yes. Oh yes. Yes to that too.” I wanted to highlight half of the things she said but over half of the book would be yellow. I see so much of myself in the ways she speaks on being Catholic, on her approach to parenthood and marriage, on friendships and just basic life philosophies. After finishing this book I truly felt like I just went on a retreat with a good friend.

The core message is – life is going to be tough sometimes. You never know when a huge wrench could be thrown at you. And it’s ok to get through it however it it’s going to work for you, so if you need to laugh, laugh. If you need to cry, cry. Somehow everything is going to be ok.

I highly recommend this book, no matter where you are in life, I think everyone can relate to some of the messages in some fashion. Nora is an inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Book Review – It’s Ok to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too

  1. Thanks for sharing this review Beth! This is a book I’ve had on my to-read list, and now I’m going to have to bump it up even higher I think. (Although maybe I will have to wait awhile–may not be the best thing to read when I’m all hopped up on pregnancy, then post-partum, hormones!) But it does sound so good!

  2. I fell off the reading wagon but am about 2/3s done a book that intimidates me. Here’s hoping I can regain reading momentum. I did so much better last year. So much harder to read when you don’t spend hours nursing and rocking babies.

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