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Another month gone by and it’s time for Currently with Anne and…wait a minute….I’m the co-host this month!  So it’s Currently with Anne and Me!  I’m so excited to be co-hosting and I can’t wait to see what you’re all Currently up to. Here are the Current happenings in our world!


Trying – I’m going to try out a Stitch Fix style clothing box that is all bought on consignment or thrift called Secondhands Fashion. I saw something about it on Facebook over the weekend and while I should be actually trying to stop buying things, my thrifty heart had to check it out. It will possibly take up to three weeks for my first box, but I’ll definitely review it here when it comes in!

Reading – I just finished the book It’s Ok to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too by Nora McInerny Purmort.  I’ll have a review on this book later this week but wow, what a read. Nora is a bit of a local celebrity around here and quite an inspiration.  Next up on my list I’ve decided I’m going to read Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. I have heard a lot about this book recently and it fits with my word of the year “present” and I think it’s something I need to read.

Decorating – We’ve been shifting some artwork at home after we inherited a couple of paintings that belonged to Nate’s grandparents. My new favorite is this awesome Oktoberfest painting that now greets you as you enter our basement when you head down to get a beer. It’s pretty much perfect for us.

Hoping – That we will be getting a nice stretch of Fall weather soon. I am tired of humidity, monsoon type rains, and the ever popular mosquito. I’m very ready for sweaters, boots, fires, cider…so bring on the cool (notice I say cool, not cold) weather!

To-Do Listing – Speaking of Oktoberfest, it’s getting to the point of the year where I’ll be making some to-do lists for that event. We’re hosting it the first weekend of October and because it’s our one big party for the year, there always seems to be a lot that needs to be done. It’s not like we don’t clean our house, but yeah…there is a lot to do in the coming weeks!

So there you have it!  If you’d like to add your own Currently post, link up with us below and be sure to link back to Anne and me in your post. Join Anne and her next co-host Jacqui next month when we’ll be sharing what we’re currently: cheers-ing, organizing, dreaming, buying and listening. Thanks again for having me Anne!




17 thoughts on “Currently in September

  1. Oh my goodness please do share a review when you get that Second Hands box, that sounds right up my alley!! I love Stitch Fix but am not a fan of the prices. Also, I’m looking forward to your review on It’s Okay to Laugh… and can’t wait to hear how you like Present over Perfect. I was just listening to a Podcast and Shauna Niequest was the guest (I can’t remember which one now–The Simple Show I think?) and they talked about that book!
    Anyway, yay for being the co-host! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing the Secondhand Fashions service! I have been interested in those Stitch Fix boxes but the prices for each item seemed a bit obscene. Can’t wait to see your review! And yay for an Oktoberfest party! I host an annual Halloween party so I definitely understand what you mean about all the to-do lists beforehand! Good luck prepping!

  3. I feel like I keep hearing about the Present Over Perfect book so maybe that’s one I should check out! And couldn’t agree more about being ready for cooler weather. Nothing too crazy, but I would like to be able to wear jeans and some layers without feeling like I’m going to bring on a heat stroke. 🙂

  4. I need to look up present over perfect! I wandered around barnes and noble a bit on my lunch break, but didn’t find anything i absolutely had to have.

  5. No no no no no, no to fall coming soon. Maybe if I was invited to your annual Oktoberfest (and could actually drink at it) I might be more willing to welcome fall, but I hate having to turn my predominantly summer wardrobe into a “cold in the morning, and potentially hot in the afternoon, but maybe raining” wardrobe. Give me 30 degrees! I know how to dress for that!

  6. So cool that you’re the host this month. Hoping for a long fall is a good one and I echo that. I’m excited to hear about your experience with the secondhand subscription box.

  7. That laugh/cry book sounds fascinating! I’ll have to scope it out. And HOORAY for everything autumn!!! I live in Coastal Georgia, so we have a while to go before truly “cool” weather gets here, but we’re celebrating temps closer to 90 than 100. That works for now! Every time I go in my closet I assure my boots that I’ll bring them out to play eventually! Thanks for hosting the linkup with Anne this month!

  8. The Oktoberfest party sounds like a fun idea! My one party of the year is pretty much Hendrik’s birthday, and I like to have some fall fun with it since it’s October 🙂 And this thrifted type of Stitch Fix sounds very intriguing. Thanks for co-hosting – fun to have you!

  9. A secondhand clothes stitch fix type box? That sound fabulous!! And ooh, I’m so jealous that everyone is gearing up for cooler weather. I am definitely tired of this never ending summer.. Thanks so much for hosting this month!

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