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School Days


And just like that my little boy is a preschooler. Ollie started Montessori school this week. It’s been an adjustment for all of us, but every day is getting a little bit better. Nate and I researched a ton and found the program we liked best. It’s held in a church not far from my parents house and my work, so it’s super close and convenient. The teachers are kind and gentle. I think it’s going to be a great fit after we get him adapted to his new normal.

He’ll go here for the next three years and then on to kindergarten. We still aren’t sure where we’ll be sending him for kindergarten yet (our home school district is not an ideal choice) but I’m not going to worry about that for now, I need to get used to this preschool business first!

To all those who sent kids back to school this week or will be next week, I hope it’s a great year! And to all the teachers and school administrators I know, I hope you have a great year as well and thanks for all YOU do!


4 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Love the pictures! Like you said, it’s an adjustment, but just take things one day at a time and trust me – it will get better! Love you all!

  2. OMGosh this is just the cutest! It is truly amazing how fast time flies with your kids. I cannot believe that my oldest baby will be driving in a few months! It is so sad and happy all at once! This is the cutest photo of him with his little backpack!

  3. That’s so exciting (and of course a little heartbreaking) Beth! I hope Ollie loves preschool and has fun! I can’t wait to hear updates. We’re planning to start Jona at a preschool in January but haven’t yet decided where. We’re looking at a Montessori school next week, and I’ve heard good things. Also, little kids in backpacks… cutest thing ever 🙂

  4. Such a milestone and what cute pictures of him. My son started kindergarten and my daughter changed preschools just a couple of weeks ago. They love it and I’m sure Ollie will love his too.

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