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State Fair Memories


So if you haven’t already figured it out, I love the State Fair. It seems like it should be something I would hate – crowds normally make me claustrophobic. Sweating is not my favorite. I have a small appetite. So why the heck do I love it so much?

I think it’s because it’s something special I’ve shared with Nate pretty much every year we’ve been together. We have not missed a Fair our entire relationship to date. There were years money was tight but we still went. There was a year we weren’t sure he would get the time off to go but it worked out last minute. It’s just our thing. I have memories of going as a kid too, my parents and I would alternate and go every other year.  So, as we embark on another State Fair, I thought I’d share a few Fair memories I have from nearly 30 years of trips there.

~My first Fair memory is the year I was going into kindergarten. My poor mom had broken her foot (thanks to stepping on the heel of yours truly) so she stayed back at home and I had a date with my dad.  I remember him taking me to the “ID station” and telling me it was important in case I got lost. I remember getting my own yard stick from the Knox booth. And I remember eating mini-donuts and riding the giant Carousel that has now moved to Como Zoo.

~I remember when I was in middle school we’d often go in the evening to the Fair and eat dinner there. And I remember my crush at the time (“E” from my Throwback Thursday posts if you recall) worked in a booth with his dad selling novelties and my parents stopping by to talk to his dad and E and I pretty much avoiding eye contact with each other because of teenage awkwardness.

~The first year I went to the Fair with Nate and his family I was recovering from an infection from my wisdom teeth surgery. But I didn’t let it get in the way of having fun. One of my favorite foods is a malt from the Dairy Building, so it was pretty much perfect!

~I had literally one day we could go to the Fair the summer before my last year of college because I was one of the Orientation coordinators and pretty much had one day off. And it was 95+ degrees that day. But we went anyway.  We may have ate the least amount of food that we ever had, to the point that my roommate told me I did it wrong when I got back to campus in the evening. I just remember Nate and I kept going to the Culligan tent and dumping cup after cup of free water over each other.

~And my two most recent favorite Fair memories are the last two years that we’ve had Ollie.  The first year we brought him he was only about eight months old, but it was so fun, we took him on his very first ride on a merry-go-round. And then last year was even more fun, he loved the animal buildings and we got to meet Cody Matz from channel 9 whom he’s been watching since he could barely hold up his own head, so that was a real treat too.


I’m excited to make more memories with my little family at the Fair this year. I’m also excited to share a post from North Star Unicorn – it’s a Parent’s Guild to the State Fair AND we are giving away admission tickets, a Blue Ribbon Bargain Book and tickets to the Bonnie Raitt Grandstand show, so head over here to check it out!!

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  1. I loved reading all your memories of the fair–how awesome that you’ve been going for so long! You’re really making me want to go to our state fair next month–ahh fair food sounds so good right now!!

  2. Love reading back on your memories from going to the fair! I can’t wait to hear about the fair this year and what memories you make!

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